The Boomers: Can't Live With 'Em Collection
An "OK Boomer" Digital Assistant Would Be Awful And Here's The ... 676 VOTES As long as there are still boomers around to mock, there will be OK Boomer memes. The latest Boomer-poking pile-on happened ... Boomer Advice That Has Aged Horribly 47.3k VOTES Twitter users recently got asked, "What's the most out of touch advice that a Boomer has ever given you? Use the ... 19 Funny 'OK Boomer' Memes To Fuel The War Between Boomers And Millennials ... 53.4k VOTES The war between boomers and millennials is on! Recently 'OK Boomer' has been used as a comeback for common baby ... The 23 Funniest Baby Boomer Memes 15.8k VOTES Poor baby boomers. Or not really. According to younger generations, the baby boomers (born from 1946 to 1964), have plenty ... People Have Been Complaining About The Youth For All Of Human History 701 VOTES It's not hard to find people with harsh words to say about millennials and Gen Z. If Twitter and cable news networks are to be ... Someone Illustrated The Difference Between Millennials And Baby Boomers In 10 ... 143.1k VOTES If you're a millennial and you think you could get along with your baby boomer coworkers, you're sorely mistaken. Hilarious ... Gen Z And Millennials Are Tweeting Their Most Savage Clapbacks To Boomers ... 7.7k VOTES The year of 2019 has birthed the brilliant 'Ok, Boomer' meme and the internet has not held back on their savageness ever since.