The Casting Calls Collection
20 Film And TV Roles That Were 100% Perfectly Cast 18.6k VOTES Sometimes the universe aligns and the perfect actor nabs the perfect part, creating an iconic character for all to enjoy. Over ... 17 Actors Who Starred As Themselves And Totally Nailed It 537 VOTES Some movie stars are so ridiculously good looking or possess so much innate panache that they’re allowed to get away with always ... Tiny Movie Cameos By Super Famous People 86k VOTES Some actors have perfected the art of making a cameo. They can drop in and delight you for a minute or two, and still make ... 12 Movie Roles That Completely Changed When A Specific Actor Was Cast 3.2k VOTES Worlds, stories, and characters are conceived on the page. Whether it be in a novel, comic book, or script, an infinite number ... 15 Times Movie Stars Took Surprise Supporting Roles And Stole The Show 6.2k VOTES If you see movies on a regular basis, you've undoubtedly had the experience of seeing a star in a supporting role that came ... Actors Who Played the Same Character at Different Ages 574.5k VOTES When movie timelines span decades and lifetimes, it's crucial for casting directors to pick actors and actresses that look the ... Actors Who Played Multiple Roles in the Same Film 80.8k VIEWS Several famous actors and actresses have played different characters in the same movie. Sometimes actors play characters who are ... People Who’ve Been Typecast, Ranked By How Often They Play That One Thing ... 4.9k VOTES Ever wonder why there are some actors who play the same role over and over again? Hollywood is a tough city, and ... 20 Child Actors Who Were Nominated for Oscars 129k VIEWS Though child actors are a dime a dozen, a true child star can steal a scene - and even an entire movie. This list is a list of ... Famous Actors Who Landed Roles With No Experience At All 238.4k VIEWS Imagine being so beautiful that you can simply be walking down the street and a talent agent feels the need to stop you and ... 21 Actors Vs. The Historical Figures They Portrayed On-Screen 920.3k VOTES When an actor portrays a made-up person, the character's look can be created from scratch. But if they're playing someone from ... 20 Comedic Actors Who Have Been Nominated for Oscars 27.1k VIEWS Several famous comedic actors and actresses have been nominated for Oscars and a few of them have even taken home the award. Actors Who Auditioned To Play The Hero And Ended Up As The Villain 18.5k VOTES When an actor is cast as a beloved (or at least likable) character in a celebrated movie, it becomes hard to imagine anyone ... 23 Actors Who Have Played Identical Twins 213k VIEWS Hollywood executives get two performances for the price of one when an actor plays a set of identical twins in film and ... Onscreen Relatives Who Look the Least Alike 13.5k VOTES Movies and TV shows would be nothing without the actors who inhabit our favorite characters - but sometimes Hollywood tries to ... The Best First Roles By Your Favorite Actors 7.8k VOTES Everyone has to start somewhere. Sure, it’s hard to imagine Tom Hanks ever putting on a wig and high heels, or Jim Carrey ... 16 Movies That Slyly Reference Their Stars' Iconic Roles 1.9k VOTES Hollywood loves to remind its audience about the past - and not just by making throwback films about the glory days of the ... Actors You Didn't Realize Played The Same Character 652 VOTES Studying actors who played the same role offers the opportunity to see how approaches vary, and to compare very different takes ... Actors Who Played Themselves In Film And Television 70 VOTES Every once in a while, an actor’s career will lead them to look deep inside themselves in order to bring something unique to ... Actors You Didn't Realize Played The Same Character Twice 278 VOTES In the era of the megafranchise, actors who have played the same role twice - or three times, or more - is not at all uncommon.