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12 Disturbing Ransom Notes with Strange and Tragic Consequences 1.1M VIEWS Throughout history, ransom letters have been used to extort cash, often from wealthy families, well-known entrepreneurs, ... Scary Stories of People Who Were Buried Alive 1.3M VIEWS Many people's biggest fear is being buried alive, and it's not hard to see why. You might think these are all historical tales ... Terrifying Cursed Objects That Actually Exist 2.2M VIEWS Cursed objects have long been a favorite subject of people who enjoy the side of life that’s a little more spooky-ooky than your ... 13 Real Things Straight Out Of Horror Movies 22.4k VOTES If nightmares came to life, they might look a lot like these real-life things straight out of horror movies. Art imitates life, ... 15 Fairy Tales And Their Lesser-Known 'Horror Story' Versions 19.1k VOTES Most people have read some of Grimm's Fairy Tales during their lives, or at least have seen Disney adaptations of the ... Scary Facts About The Texas Slave Ranch 218.9k VIEWS Sometimes, the smallest towns hide the biggest secrets. That was the case with the Texas Slave Ranch, one of the state's ... The Most Horrifying Things That Happened In Black River Falls, Wisconsin ... 838.5k VIEWS Between 1890 and 1910, horror arrived in the town of Black River Falls, Wisconsin. Black River Falls had been a pleasant, ... Weird, Creepy, And Horrifying Things Captured On Drones 366k VIEWS Drone footage gives us a unique new way of looking at the world. Not long ago, the average person didn't have the means to ... 12 Super Haunted Cursed Dolls That Will Induce Nightmares 5.7k VOTES When it comes to stories of cursed toys or cursed items in general, it’s wise to take what you hear with a grain of salt. Warning: These 45 Scary Pictures Will Absolutely Terrify You 571.3k VOTES Let's face it, we live in a world that definitely contains some scary, supernatural stuff. Despite amazing advances in science, ... Creepy Stories And Theories About The Bridgewater Triangle 228.5k VIEWS You've no doubt heard of the Bermuda Triangle, but what about the Bridgewater Triangle? While no planes or ships have ... 23 Horrifying Pieces Of Taxidermy That Actually Exist 12.2k VOTES There's nothing quite like pictures of cute animals, and not much else tops stuffed animals. Intertwine the two ... The Paris Catacombs Hide A Secret Cinema Club And Pools, In Addition To Six ... 1.2M VIEWS It is sometimes challenging to separate facts from long-held rumors about the Paris Catacombs. As an underground cemetery ... 11 Nightmare-Inducing Talking Toys No Child Should Own 3.5k VOTES There certainly isn’t a lack of creepy talking toys out there. They got their start back in 1877 and have been nightmare ... 10 Creepy Plane Wreckages In Remote Areas You Can Visit Today 96.6k VIEWS Few things can grab the world's attention quite like a plane crash. The news that an aircraft has gone down makes for ... 18 of the Creepiest Dolls You Can Buy on EBay 7.1k VOTES There's a big market for creepy dolls on eBay. Auctions for these damaged, spooky little dollies have gone for hundreds of ... 25 Creepy Secondhand Finds That Are Too Weird Not To Share 2.3k VOTES We have all come across some pretty weird and interesting things while browsing thrift stores, garage sales, and antique shops.