The Post-Mortem Rituals Collection
11 Brutal Human Sacrifice Practices Throughout History 1.2M VIEWS Humans have always had a dark side, and this list of brutal human sacrifice methods explores it in graphic detail. Touching Animal Death Rituals That Will Make You Tear Up 4.8k VOTES Do animals mourn their dead? This has been a question many often wonder. The answer may be yes - animals do appear to ... 10 Horrifying Things That Would Happen to You in an Aztec Flaying Ceremony ... 85.9k VIEWS Let’s do a little role-playing: it’s the 1400s or so, and you’re a prisoner of war of the mighty Aztecs. They’re celebrating one ... The Smoked Corpses Of The Kuku Kuku People Are One Of History's Creepiest ... 44.3k VIEWS Rituals surrounding death differ from place to place and era to era, but the stories and practices behind the smoked corpses of ... Strange Cemetery Symbolism: What Does It All Mean? 124.3k VIEWS People have been burying their dead in graveyards for thousands of years, and cemetery symbolism has evolved quite a bit since ... Present Day "Beyond The Grave" Nuptial Practices From Around The ... 678.3k VIEWS True love conquering all is a concept that appeals to romantics worldwide. From Tim Burton's Corpse Bride to the Bride of ... 12 New-Age Ways To Be Buried 5.8k VOTES Not everyone considers the types of burial available to them when they pass, much less the actual moment they kick the ... Fascinating Facts About The Cannibal Aghori Monks Of India 182.2k VIEWS In India, there is a religious sect based in Hinduism but very different from that of the mainstream. Called the Aghori, ... 12 Bizarre Mummification Practices from Around the World 183.2k VIEWS Most people know about mummies in ancient Egypt, and have maybe even seen one or two in a museum. We know the traditions ... Things You Didn't Know About Necromancy, The Dark Art Of Raising The Dead ... 175.7k VIEWS One thing most ancient civilizations share is a fascination with the afterlife. The art of necromancy, communicating beyond ... 12 Things You Didn't Know About Sokushinbutsu, A.K.A. Self-Mummification ... 519.3k VIEWS It seems impossible that someone could mummify themselves. But that's exactly what sokushinbutsu is. This self-mummification was ... 7 Fascinating Facts About The Hanging Coffins Of The Philippines 29.8k VIEWS There's a tribe in the northern Philippines called the Igorot that traditionally bury their dead in so-called "hanging ... 12 Facts on Famadihana, The Body Snatching Religious Ceremony of the Merinas ... 12.4k VIEWS Everybody loves a great party, and nobody wants to miss out just because they're dead. In the deep highlands of Madagascar, ... Crazy Fascinating Things You Didn't Know About Sky Burial 34k VIEWS When the great Hunter S. Thompson died, he wished for his ashes to be fired into the sky out of a cannon he designed ... Sin-Eaters Ate Meals Off Of Corpses' Chest To Symbolically Absolve The Dead Of ... 6k VIEWS Dying before you've had a chance to be absolved of your sins is a huge predicament to find yourself in but, once you're ... 10 Facts About Zoroastrian Funerals, Where They Feed The Dead To Vultures On ... 24k VIEWS Zoroastrian funerals are pretty different from what's usually found in Western tradition. That's because in Zoroastrianism, the ... In This Joyous Malagasy Ceremony, The Living Literally Dance With The Dead ... 2.1k VIEWS The Malagasy tribe of Madagascar holds unique beliefs about the afterlife and the mourning process. These beliefs are ... Crypts And 'Bone Churches' Around The World That Are Open For Visitors 2.3k VIEWS Diverse rituals and mourning practices for the deceased testify to the myriad ways people contend with their own mortality.