The Epic #Fails Collection
Infuriating Pictures For Anyone With A Sense Of Decency 1.8k VOTES 2017 has made it abundantly clear that the world is an unfair and lawless place. Just hop on ... Rite Aid Photos That Will Make You Run to CVS 816 VOTES Back in the '80s and '90s, Rite Aid was the king of national pharmacy chains. Then CVS and Walgreens came along and America ... Hilarious Reflections Caught on Camera 186.8k VIEWS It's important to take time to reflect periodically throughout your life. It's especially important to take time every now and ... 24 Ideas That Are Either Really Stupid or Totally Genius 5k VOTES There's an extremely thin line between a really dumb idea and a totally genius one. It's simply a matter of opinion. (And you ... 37 People Who Have No Idea How to Eat Food 1.8k VOTES As all those of us who have lived in this world quite possibly already know to be true, the unfortunate truth is that there are ... 18 Times The Internet Caught People Who Clearly Failed Geography Class 5.5k VOTES It's a great big world out there, and the value of a little geographical knowledge goes a long way. Unfortunately, not everyone ... "Well That Sucks" Baking Moments That Are Not-So-Sweet 12k VOTES We've all done the classic "salt instead of sugar" mistake, but some of these sound way WAY worse. Infuriating Images That Will Trigger You 602k VOTES This collection of OCD pictures will definitely trigger your need to organize, straighten, clean, and otherwise coddle your ... 28 Photos Of Terrible Parking Jobs That Will Trigger Secondhand Rage 6.8k VOTES The saying goes that many people should not be allowed to drive, and these bad parking photos illustrate that saying even ... 26 Hilarious Menu Fails You Wish You Caught 2.3k VOTES You can tell a lot about a restaurant by their menu, so long as it's been written properly. Menus filled with menu design ... The 18 Greatest Game Show FAILs of All Time 1.5M VIEWS We've all cringed while watching old episodes of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire and Wheel of Fortune. One the of the risks ... 20 Insane Car Modification FAILs 156.5k VOTES These are quite possibly the most innovative car decorations, modifications, and custom car jobs of all time. Even those of you ... Hilarious Cop FAILs 41k VOTES You know those truly horrible days at the office where nothing seems to go as planned? There’s nothing worse than having an off ... 49 Horrifying Fashion Magazine Photoshop Fails 30k VOTES This is a list of the best fashion magazine Photoshop fails. These epic photo disasters found on various web sites will make you ... Pinterest FAILs That'll Ruin Your DIY Dreams 46k VOTES Pinterest fails their users on a daily basis by not providing a warning that says, "WARNING: Most of this stuff is ... 50 Stupid Signs Made to Protect Idiots from Themselves 29.6k VOTES Signs are everywhere. Without them we wouldn't know where to go, what to eat, how to park, or what to avoid. Most signs, ... The 11 Laziest Geniuses on the Planet 766.1k VIEWS We all have our moments of laziness. Whether it is watching something on TV for hours because you can't find the remote, ... Horrible Accidents and Blunders Caused by Google Maps 54.8k VIEWS If you have a smart phone, there’s good chance that you use Google Maps as a way to get around. In a lot of ways this technology ... 56 Hilarious Cake FAILs 2.6M VIEWS Find offensive birthday cake pics and birthday cake ideas here! This list of cake photos includes insulting cakes, funny cakes, ... 19 Hilarious GIFs of Models Falling on the Catwalk 2.2k VOTES GIFs of models falling on the runway. These supermodel runway fails found on the web are the gifs that keep on giving.