The Grey's Anatomy Collection
The Best 'Grey's Anatomy' Seasons 11.8k VOTES Since first airing in 2005, the seasons of Grey's Anatomy have been filled with drama, excitement, and near-death experiences. The Best Grey's Anatomy Episodes 18.4k VOTES Grey's Anatomy follows Dr. Meredith Grey and the staff at the fictional Seattle Grace Hospital as they save lives. The best ... The Best Greys Anatomy Quotes of All Time 1.9k VOTES Between the love triangles, work tension, and medical emergencies, Grey's Anatomy has it all. Several of the most memorable ... The Most Useless Current Grey's Anatomy Characters 4.9k VOTES Grey's Anatomy has been on the air since 2005.  Characters on the show have come and gone due to internal actor conflics as ... The Best Grey's Anatomy Dead Character 5.8k VOTES Grey's Anatomy is known for killing off some of its best characters - whether they are main characters or recurring characters.