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The Greatest Weapons That Never Saw Action 54.6k VOTES It doesn't matter how great some weapons seem on paper - sometimes, stuff just happens and even the coolest, most badass weapons ... Everyday Objects That Were Turned Into Prison Weapons 2.6M VIEWS Prison is a scary place. And if you land yourself in the slammer, you might be in need of some serious prison weapons. In this ... Weapons That Are Banned In Warfare 42.4M VIEWS There are two basic ways to look at banning weapons in war. The first, humanitarian view is that that war should be as ... The Most Ridiculous (Real) Weapons Used Throughout History 2.1M VIEWS From homemade tanks to nuclear land mines kept warm by chickens, war brings out the engineers in people. When a weapons system ... The Best Songs About Guns 7.7k VOTES Lock and load, because you've stumbled onto a list of gun songs. This is a ranked list of all songs about guns, as voted on by ... The Best All-Round Gun Brands 114.9k VOTES This list of gun brands includes the most reliable and popular models available. The best gun brands include those from major ... Here's What Firearms Looked Like When The Founding Fathers Wrote The Second ... 66.9k VIEWS In conversations surrounding gun control in the US, the Second Amendment to the Constitution is often brought up as proof that ... Famous Assassination Weapons From History 256.6k VIEWS Famous weapons used in assassinations and attempted assassinations often become lodged in pop culture lore. Firearms like the ... The Worst Guns in History 19.9k VOTES Among the countless number of firearms designed and built in the last few centuries, a select few lay claim to being the worst. All The Things Movies Get Completely Wrong About Guns 40.9k VIEWS Who doesn't love a good action movie? From John Woo to the Wachowskis, Hollywood has delivered some of the best gun violence the ... Alarming Gun Violence Statistics 158k VIEWS Gun violence statistics in the United States tell a sobering story of murder and mayhem. Between mass shootings, armed ... A Complete History Of How The NRA Went From A Gun Safety Organization To What ... 2.3k VIEWS The NRA is always at the forefront of any discussion revolving around gun owners' rights. No matter how many mass shootings ... Brutal Weapons Throughout History 3.5k VIEWS Humans have been coming up with new and interesting ways to kill one another ever since someone first picked up a rock ... People Who've Been Shot Describe What It Feels Like When The Bullet First ... 10.2k VIEWS Have you ever wondered it feels like to get shot? People on Reddit describe their personal experiences of what it feels like ... Harmless Objects Police Officers Have Mistaken for Guns 86.1k VIEWS It is of little comfort to understand that carrying common, every day objects can get you shot. One minute, you might be ... Actual Weapons That Look Like They're From A Sci-Fi Movie 66.7k VOTES With an emphasis on versatility, range, and light weight, many modern firearms look nothing like guns of decades past. In fact, ... The Scariest Biological Weapons in History 1.6k VOTES Since the earliest days, humans have employed bioweapons both invisible and nefarious: killers on two legs, four, six, eight - ... These Family Portraits with Guns Are No Joke 2.1k VOTES You've seen awkward portraits and funny gun pictures, but now it's time for family photos with guns. You know how no matter ... The Ugliest Guns Ever Made 42.7k VOTES Whether as a result of poor design, lack of materials, or sheer necessity, some firearms and guns are just ugly. Many early ... The Best Handgun Brands, Ranked by Gun Lovers 62.1k VOTES This list of handgun brands includes the most reliable models available and is designed to help you make an informed purchase.