The Hilarious Things in the Wild Collection
27 Things That Escalated REALLY Quickly 9.6k VOTES Have you ever been in one of those situations that seems to be cruising along at a reasonable pace, only to have it really ... The Most Hilarious Amazon Reviews Ever Written 27.8k VOTES Every time you buy something on Amazon, you simply must take the time to leave a funny product review. If you fail to do ... These People Aren't Fooling Anyone 85.1k VOTES If you have been hiding under a rock the past few years, and don’t exactly know what the Seems Legit meme is, we’re here to ... Silly Stick Figure Family Decals That People Really Put on Their Cars 6.6k VOTES You know those stick figure car decals people use to announce the make up and names of their families to strangers on the ... Accidentally Inappropriate Church Signs That'll Make You Laugh 1.1M VIEWS Have you ever been driving along only to look up and see an accidentally dirty sign in front of a church or a local business ... 25 Hilarious Classified Ads You'd Respond To 39.1k VIEWS Classified ads used to be the best way to sell all of the stuff that you no longer needed. People would actually place ads in ... 40+ Funny Spelling Mistakes by Kids Who Don't Know Better 23.9k VOTES Kids say the darndest things! Even when they're completing some innocent school work or writing a sweet letter to Santa. When ... The Funniest Missing Posters of All Time 19.1k VOTES It's old fashioned, but putting posters up all over your neighborhood is a great way of getting something seen. Whether you're ... 24 Photos of Machines Being Total Dicks 184k VIEWS Humans are basically abusive spouses to machines. We expect them to be perfect and the minute they're not we verbally and ... The Weirdest Things Hidden In Where's Waldo Images 18k VOTES During all that time you spent searching for Waldo, you probably never noticed all the weird things in Where's ... Mind-Bending Glitch in the Matrix Pictures 43.6k VOTES Is there a glitch in the matrix? These pictures sure seem like proof! If you were alive at any point during 1999 or soon ... The Funniest Yelp Reviews Ever 20.6k VOTES Obviously you use Yelp for its helpful hints and user-based assessments, but you may overlook the funny Yelp reviews that are ... The 36 Funniest Demotivational Posters 209.1k VOTES The funniest demotivational posters not only make us laugh and shake our heads but prove once and for all that trying is really ... 34 Of The Silliest-Looking Animals on Earth 9.9k VOTES The world is without a doubt packed with magnificent displays of beauty, from the largest forest to the tiniest insect. The Funniest Unnecessarily Censored Photos 11k VOTES Censorship is like a total Internet buzzkill, man. It's yet another example of the media "man" keeping us down as he ... Hilarious "Quotation Mark" Fails 8.7k VOTES Quotation marks: how do they work? Modern scholars of the English language have been trying to figure out how to use quotation ... 25 Hilarious Tire Covers Spotted On The Open Road 3.2k VOTES If currently in the market for funny tire covers or clever tire cover ideas, you are in the right corner of the ... The Funniest Netflix Subtitle FAILs Ever 3.4k VOTES Netflix is always there for you. In good times when you want to enjoy doing nothing, and in bad times when you want to do ... 32 Drunk People Posed by Their "Friends" 46.1k VOTES Ah, college. Who doesn't miss the days of waiting for one your friends pass out at a house party only to draw some ... Inappropriate Mailboxes That Could Only Happen in America 116.6k VOTES This is an epic collection of dirty and funny mailboxes that certainly have that overtly American stamp of approval.