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The Best Spy Movies 60k VOTES On a secret mission to find a list of all the best spy movies ever made? Here it is! Many of these films are streaming on ... Soviet Spies Working in the United States 18.6k VIEWS List of Soviet spies and secret agents operating within the United States. The following individuals worked as espionage agents ... The Best Spy Movies of the 1960s 2.3k VOTES The best ‘60s spy movies are a diverse group of films, featuring suave super-spies, dangerous and beautiful femme fatales, and ... The Most Hardcore WWII Spy Stories You'll Ever Read 92.9k VIEWS It is not surprising that a global conflict like World War II generated so many amazing spy stories. Espionage has always been a ... The Funniest Spy Movie Characters 272 VOTES If we had to guess, the split between serious spy movies and funny spy movies (or flat-out dumb spy movies) has to be pretty ... 15 CIA Torture Conspiracies 88.1k VIEWS The release of the Senate Intelligence Committee's study of the Central Intelligence Agency's Detention and Interrogation ... The Best Ever Spy TV Shows 38.4k VOTES The very best spy shows on television, ranked from best to worst, including British spy TV shows and series. This list of the ... There's A Good Chance You're Being Watched By The CIA Right Now 51.5k VIEWS Are you just being paranoid, or is that white van parked outside your house one of many signs that you're being watched by ... The Greatest Movies About CIA Agents & Operatives 47k VOTES These are films that focus on the United States Central Intelligence Agency, or its CIA agents, as ranked by spy-obsessed fans. The Most Accurate Movies About Espionage 302 VOTES Espionage is, by its very nature, a secretive act, so it's unsurprising that most films depicting it miss the mark on a ... The Best Black Ops Movies 4.7k VOTES A list of the best black ops movies ever made, ranked by movie fans with film trailers when available. This black ops movie list ... What It's Actually Like To Be An FBI Agent 6.2k VIEWS The people who commit their lives to the FBI not only have to go through rigorous scrutiny into their personal lives, but they ... The Greatest Fictional Characters Leading Double Lives 17.4k VOTES Are you looking for a new book or movie where the fictional character is leading a double life? Browse through this list of ... 8 Times the CIA and the Mob Worked Together to Influence World Events 21.4k VIEWS Many Americans feel little trust in their government, and with so many corrupt politicians and scandals, who can blame ... 14 Crazy Stories of Russian Spies in the US That Will Freak You Out 101k VIEWS Land of the Free, home of the spied upon. US citizens can't catch a break when it comes to creeps looking in their windows and ... The Best Recent Spy Shows and Movies 723 VOTES The spy movie and film genre has included some of Hollywood's greatest films of all time. Classics like Dr. No, the first James ... Famous American Double Agents 17.7k VIEWS The act of being a double agent is one of the most difficult and dangerous in espionage. To spy for an enemy nation while ... 8 Crazy and Fascinating Facts About Historical Spies and Espionage 11.9k VIEWS Espionage is sometimes known as the world's second oldest profession (after prostitution, of course). An ... Rogue FBI Agents Who Went Hog Wild While Working For Uncle Sam 15k VIEWS The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) was created to help protect United States citizens from widespread criminal ... The Greatest Spy Comedy Movies Ever Made 2.3k VOTES From the over-the-top gadgets to the super-fast cars, the spy genre is full of clichés just waiting to be spoofed.