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Old Celebrity Scandals The Media Would Freak Over Today 528k VOTES The celebrity scandal has become the window dressing of our daily lives on the internet. Trending celebrity hashtags can spring ... Old Hollywood Scandals That History Forgot 843.9k VIEWS During the golden age of Hollywood, secret stories happening behind the scenes were often more intriguing, and certainly darker, ... 10 Wild, Violent, And Tragic Stories From The Viper Room, The Legendary Bar ... 1.1M VIEWS The Viper Room rose to Hollywood infamy after River Phoenix tragically overdosed there on Halloween night in 1993, and his ... 40 Mind-Blowing Photos of Historic Los Angeles 20.2k VOTES Travel back to a time before smog and freeways ruled Los Angeles with a list of vintage LA photos. We all have an image of LA, ... The 13 Most Fascinating Unsolved Hollywood Deaths 1.1M VIEWS A list of unsolved Hollywood homicides and show business crimes, along with the stories, theories and mysteries behind them. Insane Things That (Really) Happened at the Chateau Marmont 269.4k VIEWS Anyone who lives in Los Angeles can tell you that despite the city’s reputation as the promised land of the entertainment ... The Strange History Of Los Angeles's Most Infamous Hotels 35.4k VIEWS Los Angeles is a tourist town; people flock from across the globe to visit Hollywood and the beaches, the theme parks and ... The Los Feliz Murder Mansion Was The Site Of One Family's Horrifying And Sad ... 36.2k VIEWS Los Angeles has no shortage of infamous locations that house gruesome or inexplicable pasts. Certain places, such as the Hotel ... Major Hollywood Stars Who Were Connected To Dangerous Cults 110.5k VIEWS Before the 2000s, when everyone suddenly knew everything thanks to computers in your pocket, it was believed there ... Creepy Ghost Stories About Los Angeles 9.3k VOTES It shouldn’t come as much of surprise that Los Angeles, with its glitzy, sordid past, has seen some sh*t. And that can cause ... The Greatest TV Shows That Parody Hollywood 723 VOTES Though you may not always realize it, Hollywood likes to take the occasional jab at itself. Whether it's a comedic look at ... Los Angeles Has A History With The Occult Unlike Any Other U.S. City 121.2k VIEWS Southern California is as far as you can get in the contiguous United States from the puritanical roots, restrictive social ... 17 Incredible And Hilarious Pictures Of Los Angeles From The Early 1900s ... 15.9k VIEWS The United States gained Los Angeles and its surrounding California territory as part of the 1848 Treaty of Guadelupe-Hidalgo, ... Celebrities Who Grew Up in Families of Actors 287.8k VIEWS List of Celebrities in Actor Families ranked by fame and popularity. Many people take up the family business and actors are no ... It Was Once A Hot Spot For Hollywood Elites - But A Pattern Of Tragic Events ... 13.3k VIEWS From the Bates Motel to the Overlook Hotel, the existence of haunted hotels has fascinated people for generations, likely ... The Haunted History Of Hollywood's Magic Castle 31.1k VIEWS The Magic Castle is the clubhouse for the Academy of Magical Arts. Located in Hollywood at 7001 Franklin Avenue, the castle is ... The Story Of Peg Entwistle, The Most Infamous Hollywood Haunting Of All Time ... 25.3k VIEWS Millicent "Peg" Entwistle was once a young actress trying to make a name for herself, but instead she ... The Best Los Angeles Movies 2.9k VOTES Iconic red carpets, a sidewalk dotted with stars in honor of the world’s most famous celebrities, Hollywood, million-dollar ... The Best Haunted Attractions in Los Angeles 209 VOTES Every October the world is blessed with the return of the Halloween season (which is better than Christmas, if you ask us). The Best TV Shows Set In L.A. 2.3k VOTES Los Angeles, California is not only where most television series are filmed, but it also tends to be where they're set as well.