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The Lesser-Known Medieval Plague That Literally Caused People To Dance ... 22.7k VIEWS Medieval Europe had no shortage of diseases, from the black plague that killed millions to the bizarre medieval sweating ... The True Story Of Typhoid Mary Is Way Sadder Than You Think 294k VIEWS In the early 1900s, germ theory was a relatively new concept, and many – including doctors – were unaware of how diseases ... Inside The Brutal Realities of the Spanish Flu That Killed 100 Million People ... 40.2k VIEWS Of all the horrors of World War I, it wasn't the bombs, bullets, or even the mustard gas that ended up as the greatest killer. The Best Movies About Disease Outbreaks 29.1k VOTES A list of the Best Movies with disease outbreaks. Are you a fan of movies about scary infections and crazy medical pandemics? ... An Average Day In The Life Of A 14th-Century Plague Victim 10.6k VIEWS The Black Death changed the world. As the deadliest epidemic in human history, the plague killed millions, with nearly half of ... Historians Now Think An Ebola-Type Plague Nearly Wiped Out Athens, And The ... 11k VIEWS There have been countless historic disease outbreaks, but some are better known than others. Diseases like the ... The Biggest Cancer Clusters In History 2.1k VIEWS Spikes in cancer, or cancer clusters, occur when a high number of people in a small geographical area experience similar ... What It Was Like To Be A Body Collector During The Bubonic Plague 15.9k VIEWS Buboes, black spots, and bloody froth: it was all in a day’s work for Black Death body collectors. The plague, which may have ... Deadliest Food-Borne Illness Outbreaks In United States History 5.3k VIEWS What happens when food is contaminated? The results can be devastating, as demonstrated by the deadliest food-borne illness ... A Medieval Outbreak Gave People Nightmare Hallucinations And Caused Their ... 29.3k VIEWS Medieval diseases were no joke. From the horrific and deadly Black Death, which fundamentally transformed the world, to the ... The Most Destructive Epidemics In Human History 324.3k VIEWS The world is swarming with deadly disease, and the history of humanity can certainly attest to this fact. There have been many ... The Worst Flu Outbreaks In US History 3.3k VIEWS Each year, influenza cases make headlines and - on occasion - people do die of the flu. Despite the fact we think of it as ... All About The "Other Black Plague" That Caused You To Sweat To Death ... 31.3k VIEWS From 1485 through the latter part of the 16th century, a new plague – English "sweating sickness" – ravaged ... 14 Ways the Black Death Directly Shaped the Way We Live Now 172k VIEWS The so-called "Black Death" arrived in southern Europe from Asia in 1347 and spread through England, Germany, and ... The Bubonic Plague Ravaged San Francisco In The 1900s—And The Government Tried ... 3.4k VIEWS The San Francisco bubonic plague outbreak was one of the biggest health crises — and controversies — of the ... Ghosts And Hauntings Connected To The Black Plague 19.2k VIEWS The oozing sores. The black spots. The staggeringly high death toll. Any paranormal enthusiasts will tell you that trauma causes ... The 13 Scariest Viruses on Earth Today 747.6k VIEWS They say these guys have existed since the beginning of life on Earth. As far back as there's a plant or animal record, there ... In The 1850s, An Epidemic Caused By Milk Killed Nearly 8,000 Babies 2.2k VIEWS When a mysterious, rampant disease began killing infants in New York City in the 1850s, there were a lot of theories about what ... Horrifying Things Most People Don't Know About Plague Doctors 56.5k VIEWS Treating the bubonic plague became a medical specialty during the first widespread outbreak of the disease in the 14th ... Things You Won't Believe Europeans Ate During The Plague 2.2k VIEWS When the Black Plague struck Europe in the 14th century, people didn't have much time to worry about their diets.