The It's Arrested Development Collection
There Are Always Arrested Development Fan Theories In The Banana Stand 1.5k VOTES Even the goofiest sitcom can hide a deeper meaning if you really look. Fan theories have cropped up around television staples ... The Best Arrested Development Characters 15.7k VOTES On May 26th, 2013, "Arrested Development" debuted a Season 5, 15-episode run on Netflix, marking the return of one of ... The Greatest Running Jokes on Arrested Development 4.3k VOTES Arrested Development running jokes make the show what it is. Those jokes became our own inside jokes, carving new neural ... The Best Arrested Development Supporting Characters 4.4k VOTES List of the best supporting characters on Arrested Development. Click here for the best Arrested Development characters. Guest ... 25 Awesome Arrested Development Tattoos 1.6k VOTES Not sure you can afford a portrait of Kitty's lop-sided assets or J. Walter Weatherman's terrifying arm? Just remember, there’s ... The Best Arrested Development Episodes 1.1k VOTES There are so many good episodes of Arrested Development, but which ones really stand out? Do you like "Development ... The Funniest Food References on Arrested Development 1.3k VOTES It’s not your imagination, there are a ton of Arrested Development food references. And not just jokes about the Bluth family ... The Real Drama Of 'Arrested Development' Lies Behind The Scenes 1.5k VIEWS There's plenty of Bluth family drama shown on screen of Arrested Development, the popular Fox-turned-Netflix comedy, ... How the Cast of Arrested Development Has Aged Since the First Season 4.6k VIEWS From defending The Bluth Company to rebuilding the Banana Stand to celebrating the Second of July, viewers have laughed along ... The Most Important Episodes Of 'Arrested Development' 103 VOTES Now, a list about a wealthy family who lost everything, and the one son who had no choice but to keep them all together.