The Joker: Gotham's Nightmare Collection
Ranking Every Joker in the Comics 1.7k VOTES We’re ranking every Joker in the DC comics universe. Along with all Joker incarnations that appeared in the comic books, ... The Most Unspeakable Things The Joker Has Ever Done To Harley Quinn 501.8k VIEWS There is no comic book relationship as well-known or misinterpreted as the bond shared between the Joker and Harley Quinn. The Most Insanely Gory Moments In The Joker's History 702.6k VIEWS When it comes to comics, a hero is only as good as his villain. The contrast between them must be so significant that both ... We Found The Most Disturbing Panels Of The Joker In Comic Book History 7.8k VOTES Unless you’re the Dark Knight of Gotham himself, it’s perfectly reasonable to be scared of the Joker. The list of terrible ... The Real People And Fictional Characters That Inspired The Joker's Evolution ... 47.6k VIEWS No character, no matter how distinct or iconic, materializes out of nowhere. Even a figure like the Joker, with his famously ... 15 Times Batman and the Joker Actually Worked Together (No, Really) 1M VIEWS In the world of comic books, there are few rivalries as heated as Batman and the Joker. The two of them couldn't be more ... 16 Real-Life Crimes And Murders Inspired By The Joker 521k VIEWS The Joker is one of the best villains in comic and cinematic history. Not only is he the perfect anarchic foil to Batman’s whole ... 17 Important References In 'Joker' You Might Have Missed 8.5k VOTES Todd Phillips's Joker attempts to be the antithesis of modern comic book movies, but like most other films in the ... All 20+ Actors Who Played Joker, Ranked Best To Worst By Fans 272.6k VOTES Throughout all the various Batman films, animated series, and video games, who do you think are the best Joker actors? A ... 17 Famous Actors Who Almost Played the Joker 7.6k VOTES In every superhero movie, villains seem to have the most fun. And no villain has more fun that Batman’s arch nemesis the ... The Most Obnoxious Things Jared Leto Did When He Played The Joker 15.6k VOTES To play the Joker in Suicide Squad, Oscar-winning actor Jared Leto pulled out all of the insane method acting techniques he ... The Best Joker Storylines In Comic History 4k VOTES Throughout all of comic book history, few villains are as beloved as the heroes they fight against, but if there was one ... Every Movie And TV Joker Costume, Ranked 2.5k VOTES On-screen live-action costumes for DC Comics' the Joker have been as varied as his backstories and the actors who have ... Actors Who Could Replace Jared Leto as the Joker 33.5k VOTES After his performance as the Joker in Suicide Squad was met with tepid reviews, Jared Leto declared he felt "tricked" ... 14 Times The Joker Actually Did Good Things 48.2k VIEWS While Batman stands for order and good in the world, the Joker is an agent of chaos. But there have been times when the ... Things You Probably Didn't Know About The Joker 98 VOTES The Joker made his comic book debut in 1940's Batman #1, and he's been a part of the Dark Knight's history ever since.