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True Stories
3.5m viewsThe Most Evil U.S. Government Experiments On Humans
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1.5m viewsIn 1945, The Japanese Vivisected 8 US Airmen At Kyushu University
3.8m viewsHorrifying Nazi Experiments Conducted On Humans
True Stories
361.4k viewsSocial Experiments That Almost Killed The Researcher
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118.8k viewsThe Stanford Prison Experiment Might Be The Most Disturbing Study Ever Conducted
US History
57.6k viewsIn MKUltra, The CIA Secretly Dosed Random People With LSD And Tracked Their Every Move
World History
1.1m viewsSeven Of The Cruelest Human Experiments Ever Conducted
307.3k viewsThe Horrifying And Lethal Experiments Of Unit 731
69.7k views10 Insane Facts About Biosphere 2, The Largest Contained Experiment Ever
Human Body
459.2k viewsFamous Studies On Humans That Could Never Happen Today
True Stories
1.8k votersCrazy Experimental Medical Procedures That Actually Worked
8k votersCraziest Cases of Animal Experimentation Throughout History
23.1k viewsAn Experiment Took Monkeys Away From Their Mothers To Prove, Scientifically, That Love Exists
185.4k viewsScientists Who Accidentally Paid for Their Research with Their Lives
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380.1k viewsThe True Story Of The Government's Horrific Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments On US Citizens
175.3k viewsThe Top 6 American Utopian Experiments
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11.3k viewsThis Shocking Psychology Test Proved That, In Their Shoes, Almost Anyone Would Become A Nazi
381.7k viewsAll The Controversies Surrounding The Little Albert Experiment
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9.1k viewsThis 1800s Scientist Tried To Create Real-Life Frankensteins By Electrocuting Corpse Brains
The End of the World
106.9k viewsThe Dystopian Program Of "Practice Babies" Where Orphan Infants Were Used To Train Expectant Mothers