The Meanwhile, in Russia... Collection
The Most Terrifying Russian Urban Legends And Ghost Stories 21.4k VOTES Russia's cold, desolate atmosphere is the perfect setting for a lot of creepy phenomena and Russian urban legends. Whether ... WTF Russia Photos That Prove Everyone Is Insane 10.7k VOTES In Soviet Russia, list reads you! This is a collection of hilariously WTF photos straight from Russia with love, and if it's any ... The Meanings Behind Common Russian Prison Tattoos 55.8k VIEWS From the 1960s to 1980s, photographer Sergei Vasiliev and retired police officer Arkady Bronnikov ... The Best Russian Comedy Movies 1.1k VOTES Beneath the icy façade, there‚Äôs actually a lot of humor to be gleaned from Russians. This list of the best Russian comedy ... 25 Of The Weirdest Russian Redneck Photos Ever 3k VOTES You probably thought America was the only place with rednecks, but that ain't true. Contrary to popular belief, rednecks ... The Best Russian Authors 6k VOTES List of the best Russian authors of both nonfiction and fiction literature, along with some authors of poetry. Russian authors ... The Best Russian Short Stories 1.2k VOTES List of the best short stories from Russian writers that exemplify the Romanticism, Silver Age and 20th century of Russian ... The Greatest Russian Ballets 1.1k VOTES Any ballet enthusiast knows that some of the greatest ballets in history originated in Russia. In fact, in the early 19th ... 11 Brutal Facts About The Harsh Russian Winter That Stops All Military ... 22.4k VIEWS The brutal Russian Winter (sometimes called "General Winter" or "General Frost") shaped history as we know ... 17 Unique Russian Military Inventions 406.3k VIEWS Russian military inventions tend toward the brutally practical: tanks, planes, and guns that are cheap and easy to produce. Celebrities And Their Russian Doppelgangers 3.5k VOTES If you're into conspiracy theories, this Russian doppelganger one will blow your mind. After years of ... Scary Things the Russian Military Might Be Up To 4.8k VIEWS The Cold War may have ended over 20 years ago, but that doesn't mean things are all hunky-dory with Russia now. Under Putin, the ... People Who Claimed To Be Romanovs (But Totally Weren't) 14.3k VIEWS House Romanov ruled over Russia for more than 300 years, with close familial ties to all the crowned heads of Europe. During the ... Vladimir Putin's Daughters Are Kept Under Such Secrecy, Nearly No One Knows ... 84.1k VIEWS Not a day goes by when Vladimir Putin isn't in the papers, but the same certainly can't be said for Putin's daughters.