The Meanwhile, on Facebook... Collection
The Most Epic Facebook Burns in Internet History 10.3k VOTES It's one thing to get burned in person, another entirely to get the burned on Facebook. Scars from epic Facebook burns ... 31 Adorable Old People Who Failed At Facebook 8.1k VOTES Old people and Facebook go together like old people and a buffet. It's going to be a mess! As seen on the subreddit ... 20 Times People Posted Crazy Things On Facebook 42.4k VOTES Social media connects people from all over the world. We are able to share our thoughts, photos and ultimately our lives with ... Dumb Facebook Posts from Idiots Who Can't Spell 5.3M VIEWS Ah, technology! These days the gift of social media has made it possible for pretty much everyone to have a voice in the online ... The Funniest Dumb Facebook Posts Ever 67k VOTES Ever have one of those days when you say or do something totally dumb and feel like you need a bit of a boost to reassure ... TMI Facebook Posts That No One Wanted to See 41.5k VOTES Whether you hate social media or you're basically one step away from getting your phone surgically attached to your hand, one ... 28 People Who Will Never Forget to Log Out of Facebook Again 232.7k VOTES The word 'hacking' may be confusing for some people. From a technical perspective, hacking a friend's Facebook to post silly ... 15 Girls Who Fished for Compliments Way Too Hard on Facebook 2.1M VIEWS Pack your bags, because you're about to go on a Facebook fishing trip. These are girls who clearly went fishing for ... 45 Times Old People Didn't Understand Facebook 620.4k VIEWS The subreddit r/oldpeoplefacebook is full of hilarious gems submitted by Reddit users who have delightful old people in their ... The People Everyone Looks Up On Facebook 24.4k VOTES You've had that embarrassing and sad moment when it’s late and you’re cruising around Facebook and you start looking up everyone ... People Caught Cheating On Facebook 222.4k VOTES Innovations in modern technology have increased the average person’s access to information in ways that were unthinkable even 50 ... The Worst People On Facebook 146.4k VOTES You know these people: the ones who tell you at least three times a day how they're so hungry but their juicer is the best thing ... Old People Who Gave Using Facebook Their Best Shot, But Really Missed The ... 2.7k VOTES Facebook was founded all the way back in 2004, and these days, its user demographics encompass nearly every age group ... 15 Drunk Facebook Posts You're Glad You Didn't Write 42k VOTES Facebook is used for many things: checking out your ex-boyfriend's new girlfriend, silently judging your high school friend who ... 28 Times Old People Wrote on a Restaurant's Facebook Page and It Was ... 16.7k VOTES When it comes to funny Facebook posts, old people tend to kind of be a gold mine. Though it may have taken them a little longer ... The First Facebook Cover Photos of Your Favorite Celebrities 3k VOTES Facebook has come a long way since its launch in 2004. Back then you had a profile pic and a few key points about yourself.