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Men Becoming Wolves

Myths & Legends
59.4k viewsThe Forgotten History Of Werewolves Proves They Are The Scariest Of All Supernatural Monsters
317.3k viewsThere's Convincing Evidence Werewolves Have Been Terrorizing A Small Village In England For Decades
Unsettling Images
695.7k viewsPhotos And Videos Some Claim Contain Werewolves
Best Movies
5.7k votersThe Best Werewolf Movies Ever Made
Supernatural & Paranormal
45.5k viewsIf You Thought The Witch Trials Were Brutal, Those Condemned As Werewolves Suffered Far Worse Fates
45.8k views11 Historical 'Werewolves' That Terrorized Villages Around The World
45k viewsWhat To Expect When You're Expecting To Turn Into A Werewolf
Strange True Stories
13.3k viewsThese Are The Most Fearsome Lady Werewolves Throughout History
Mythical Creatures
1.1k votersThe Greatest Werewolf Characters of All Time
Button Mash
413 votersThe Best Werewolf Video Games of All Time
85 voters10 Comic Book Characters Who Have Turned Into Werewolves
True Crime
14.1k viewsThis Man Actually Went To Trial For Being A Werewolf - And Was Convicted
Myths & Legends
9.5k viewsA Werewolf Has Terrorized The English Countryside For So Long Locals Gave The Beast A Nickname
Monster Movies
238 voters12 Pretty Good Werewolf Movies That Are Actually Deep Metaphors
Mythical Creatures
3.5k viewsHow Famous Fictional Werewolves Deal With Their Moonlit Condition
68 votersWerewolf Movies That Aren’t Really About Werewolves