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The Funniest "Before and After" Memes Ever 25.5k VOTES Everyone loves a great before and after picture. They symbolize that great things are achievable if you apply yourself, work ... 42 Memes That Accurately Describe The Dumpster Fire That Is 2020 3.8k VOTES We are at the half way mark for the year 2020 and so far, the year has been somewhat brutal. Global pandemics, murders ... The 19 Funniest 'Or Draw 25' Uno Memes We Could Find 26.7k VOTES 2020 has started out strong with the latest meme format sweeping the internet. When given the choice to " ____ or ... 25 Karen Memes That Will Make You Want To Talk To The Manager 16.2k VOTES You know the type: Middle-aged women with a "Live, Laugh, Love" bumper sticker and an angular bobbed haircut. The Funniest "Two Can Play That Game" Memes Ever 71k VIEWS A game simply isn't a game unless at least two people are playing. That's when the fun begins. The first person makes their ... Hilarious Memes About Adulthood That Are Way Too Real 11.3k VOTES One of the reasons the transition into adulthood feels so difficult lies in the fact that many people fail to realize others ... 29 Times Teens Made Memes That Are Actually Pretty Funny 13k VOTES Teenagers! We've all been one and yet find the teens of today bewildering. That's because when we were teens we didn't have ... 27 Spot On Starter Pack Memes That Perfectly Describe Someone You Know 16.7k VOTES Stereotypes often provide the funniest jokes and have helped create one of the funniest meme formats - starter pack memes. 40 Funny And Sad Memes You'll Laugh At If You're Depressed 40.2k VOTES With a bio that reads, "A lot of depressed dank memes for everyone" — the Tumblr ... The Funniest Instagram Vs. Real Life Memes 8.8k VOTES As Instagram continues to invade everything from your bed sheets to your favorite brunch spot, it becomes more and more ... Just 26 Reminders That Growing Up Sucks 5.5k VOTES No matter how much elders try and convince kids growing up sucks, when you're younger, you never listen. The Funniest #ImOldEnoughToRememberWhen Tweets 2.9k VOTES Thousands of Twitter users started posting hilariously nostalgic photos of the things they remember from their ... 30 Mental Health Memes That Are Both Funny And Sad 26.2k VOTES No topic is safe from internet memes – and that includes mental health. From undiscussed depression and aversion to socializing, ... Hilarious Memes Only People With A Super Dark Sense Of Humor Will Understand ... 40.6k VOTES Do you hate going outside? Does interacting with people make your skin crawl? Well, if you're a millennial or even ... Photos That Prove There Are Two Types Of People In This World 17.2k VOTES To simplify their hectic lives, people love to compartmentalize everything, even their memes. The two types of people meme ... 21 Photos That Prove Everything You Know Is a Lie 1.3M VIEWS Forget everything you thought you knew. Seriously, go ahead and wipe your brain clean, because this photo gallery is about to ... Android Vs. iPhone Memes That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud Or Get Incredibly ... 9.8k VOTES Coke or Pepsi. Marvel or DC. Ketchup or mustard. Each of these debates elicits passionate feelings and even ... 27 Memes That Will Only Make Sense To People With ADHD 5.4k VOTES There is a subreddit for everything you can imagine. One growing community is r/adhdmeme which collects memes for those with ... 31 Memes That Only People Who Love Self-Deprecation Will Appreciate 15.9k VOTES The era of insult comics ended a long time ago. People appreciate when you make fun of yourself rather than someone else.