The Mysteries & Detectives Collection
People Who Disappeared Mysteriously 1.9M VIEWS List of men and women throughout world history who have disappeared under mysterious or unknown circumstances. The list includes ... Mysteries Solved by Journalists Covering the Story 26.4k VIEWS Every writer is looking for the one story that can make their career. While investigating even the smallest mystery they dig up ... 28 Mysterious Political Deaths and Unsolved Murders 299.4k VIEWS When a political or religious figure suddenly passes, conspiracy theories seem to fall from the trees, like apples ripe with the ... The Best Mystery Shows Since 2015 10.2k VOTES With so many great TV series currently airing, we’re ranking the best mystery TV shows since 2015. Our list of the highest rated ... The Best Whodunit Movies 49.1k VOTES List of the best whodunit movies, as ranked by mystery movie fans and film critics from all over the world. There’s something ... The Biggest Mysteries Uncovered On Reddit 29.7k VOTES Reddit is a world-wide message board where you can help someone find a lost dog and share GIFs of yourself getting smacked ... 'Unsolved Mysteries': Where Are They Now? 1.7M VIEWS From 1987-2002, Robert Stack was America’s trench-wearing, crime-solving savior on a little show called Unsolved Mysteries. The Best Detective TV Shows 23.9k VOTES These are the very best detective TV shows, ranked from best to worst. This list of the greatest detective fiction ... The Strangest Solved Mysteries 134k VIEWS The phrase "unsolved mystery" brings up connotations of dedicated research, dangerous archeology, and that TV show ... The Best Documentaries About Unsolved Mysteries 2.6k VOTES There are many documentaries about unsolved mysteries of the world, including murder mysteries, the natural wonders of the ... The Best Mystery Movies 11.9k VOTES A list of all the best mystery movies ever made, many of which are streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime. This mystery movie ... The Best Detective Anime of All Time 12.8k VOTES Ready to cast your votes anime fans? We need your input on this list of the best detective anime of all time. This poll features ... The Most Mysterious Political Decoy Cases in History 278 VOTES A political decoy is a person employed to impersonate a politician, to draw attention away from the real person or to take ... 15 of the Most Mysterious Airline Tragedies 72k VIEWS As the world waits to find out what has happened to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, your mind can't help but wander. How does a ... The Best Mystery Authors 3.5k VOTES List of the best mystery authors that include the novelists, poets and movie script writers. The list features the writer of the ... The Best British Detective Series, Ranked 266.3k VOTES This list of the best British detective series is ranked by British TV fans just like you! Who doesn't love a good detective ... The Best Mystery Novels 4.2k VOTES Few things are better for unwinding than a good novel. One of the most popular categories of novels is the mystery genre – who ... People Who Disappeared Mysteriously in 2000s 38.8k VIEWS Mysterious Disappearances of the 2000s. These unexplained disappearances often remain a mystery long after the case is closed. The Best Mystery Thriller Movies on Amazon Prime 1.8k VOTES Mystery movies and thriller movies are often one and the same. This list collects the best mystery thrillers on Amazon Prime, as ... People Who Disappeared Mysteriously in 1990s 25.2k VIEWS Mysterious Disappearances of the 1990s. These unexplained disappearances often remain a mystery long after the case is closed.