The Royal Pains Collection
Unhappily Ever After: The Most Destructive And Abusive Royal Marriages In ... 439.6k VIEWS The worst royal marriages in history also happen to be some of the most bloody, heartbreaking, and shocking. From royal cousins ... 15 Absolutely Insane Facts About The Palace of Versailles 851.1k VIEWS The Palace of Versailles is known for its opulent rooms, extravagant gardens, and the integral role it played in the French ... The Weirdest Royals Throughout History 158.4k VOTES When we think of royalty, beautiful princesses and charming princes come to mind. History reveals that real-life rulers ... 13 Facts That Prove Marie Antoinette Remains An Extremely Controversial ... 338.1k VIEWS Marie Antoinette, the ill-fated queen of France, is remembered for two things: losing her head and uttering the callous phrase, ... Queen Elizabeth I's Personal Life Was So Intense It Nearly Split An Entire ... 330.5k VIEWS Elizabeth I of England was famously known as the "Virgin Queen." As the second-born daughter of Henry VIII - a ... 15 Bizarre Obsessions Of Royals In History 394.1k VIEWS Money, power, and fame can drive a person wild - just look at Kanye. Throughout history, there have been many influential people ... The Morbidly Creepy And Straight Up Weird Contents Of Queen Victoria's Coffin ... 538.1k VIEWS Despite the fact that she was quite tiny, Queen Victoria  looms large over most of the 19th century. She was every bit ... The Most Ruthless Queens And Female Rulers Of All Time 13.1k VOTES When most people picture a dictator, the first thought that comes to mind is usually of a strongman in military regalia. Seldom ... 7 Thought-Provoking Historical Conspiracy Theories About Queen Elizabeth I ... 53.2k VIEWS Queen Elizabeth I is considered to be one of England’s greatest and most popular monarchs. She was a patron of the arts, ... The Legendary Beef Between Elizabeth I And Mary Queen Of Scots, Explained ... 274.7k VIEWS Few feuds are as epic as the rivalry between Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots. The decades-long battle that took place ... She Was Only Queen For 3 Months, And Her Tragic Fall Plunged Europe Into War ... 106.2k VIEWS She was the goddaughter of Queen Elizabeth I and grandmother to King George I, and every British monarch since 1714 has ... 14 Facts About King Henry VI's Mental Illness 193.3k VIEWS King Henry VI began his reign at a young age and inherited both the English and French crowns. During his reign, he had ... Turns Out Mary Queen of Scots's Son Burned Witches And Had The Bible ... 35.3k VIEWS The religious violence of the Protestant Reformation and legacy of political strife between Queen Elizabeth I and Mary, ... What Marie Antoinette Was Really Like, According To The People Who Knew Her ... 1.5k VOTES Clueless, spendthrift royal, or martyr to the ancien regime? Saintly mother or selfish Jezebel? Conceptions of Marie Antionette ... 15 Bizarre Facts About George III, The Clinically-Insane King Who Lost ... 216.6k VIEWS King George III was a whole lot more than just America’s final king. Known to history as “Mad King George,” this British monarch ... Bloody Mary Is Remembered As A Murderer, But The Rest Of Her Family Was Far ... 92.4k VIEWS There's no two ways about it: Queen Mary I of England has a bad reputation. Known as "Bloody Mary," Queen ... Charles II's Love Life Was Even Crazier Than Henry VIII's 227.2k VIEWS Charles II of England - the so-called "Merry Monarch" - had a legendary love life. His mistresses were visible, ... What Life Was Like For Poor People During The "Golden Ages" Of ... 67.4k VIEWS A Golden Age is defined as being a period of "peace, prosperity, and happiness." Early Greek and Roman poets used the ... The Most Disastrous Royal Weddings In History 45.4k VOTES Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding may look like a fantasy come to life, but not all royal weddings have been quite as ... Prince Charles's Scandal-Plagued Love Life Almost Destabilized The British ... 1.8M VIEWS Prince Charles is the longest-serving Prince of Wales in history, thanks to his mother Queen Elizabeth II's decades-long reign.