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Movies You Never Expected To Show Skin 46.6k VOTES There are some movies you just know won't have bare bods, and then there are those movies that you know for a fact will. 36 Male Actors Who Have Done Full Frontal 1.1M VIEWS If you've ever wondered what your favorite male celebritys package looks like, wonder no more! Several famous actors have done ... The Very Best Erotic Thriller Movies 14.4k VOTES All the movies on this list are R-Rated erotic thrillers, ranked from best to worst by fans like you. This list takes the best ... The Best Mainstream Movies That Flash a Lil Male Nudity 1.7k VOTES A list of the best male nudity movies ever made, ranked by movie fans with film trailers when available. This male nudity movie ... The Best Erotic Fiction Writers 11.8k VOTES A detailed list of the best erotic fiction writers of all time. Fans of erotic romance fiction will enjoy this list of the most ... The Best Steamy Romance Movies, Ranked 4.9k VOTES Steamy romance movies can be a guilty pleasure in the form of a poorly plotted but erotically charged cinematic experience. The Best Steamy Thriller Movies, Ranked 4k VOTES This list contains information on the best steamy thriller movies, ranked from best to worst by user votes. The best steamy ... The Best PG-13 Sex Comedies 465 VOTES List of PG-13 sex comedies, ranked from best to worst with movie trailers when available. Find more of your favorite comedies ... The Sexiest Movie Casts from the 90s 4.5k VOTES Feed your need for '90s nostalgia with this list of sexy stars who defined the decade. Relive the funny fashion of the best ... The Sexiest Movie Casts from the 80s 3.6k VOTES In the 1980s, some of the best movies released put the spotlight on sexy stars. From Jennifer Beals to a young Tom Cruise, sexy ... The Sexiest Movie Casts from the 70s 798 VOTES The 1970's was kicking in the lessons learned during the sexual revolution, mainly by having really hot actors and actresses ... The Best Songs About "Doing It" 12.1k VOTES What's great both before and after intercourse? An accoustic guitar. People have been writing and singing songs about the human ... The Best Female Authors of Erotic Literature 907 VOTES Vote for the most talented women writers of erotic works.