The That's the Worst! Collection
The Worst A-List Hollywood Actors 740k VOTES We can't all be Meryl Streep and not every actor can win an Oscar, let alone be in the conversation as a great actor. The ... The Worst Rock Bands of All Time 566.1k VOTES Here they are: the absolute worst rock bands in history, ranked from the most awful bands to the kind of okay but still pretty ... The Worst Movies Of All Time 728.8k VOTES The worst movies ever, with videos, ranked by the wisdom of the crowd. These are pretty much the worst movies of all time and ... The Biggest Tourist Traps on Earth 130.6k VOTES If you’re big on traveling, then you’ve undoubtedly come across a few tourist traps in your time. Whether you’ve been sucked ... Americans Who Least Deserve Fame & Fortune 339.7k VOTES How did these "celebrities" ever become so rich and famous? What did they even do to earn their fame? Some of these ... The Worst TV Series Finales Ever 143k VOTES The worst final episodes of great TV shows have a history almost as old as TV itself. Whenever an audience becomes so invested ... 47 "UGH, I Hate When That Happens" Pictures 84.7k VOTES If you're any kind of human being you hate it when at least half of these things happen. You don't necessarily have to be as ... The Worst Movie Directors of All Time 37.6k VOTES A list of the worst directors in film history who have made some of the worst movies ever. Through a combination of luck and ... The Worst People in the History of Reality TV 90.2k VOTES There is something about reality television personalities that makes us hate so much more strongly than we do with fictional ... Reasons You're Probably Very Annoyed with Millennials Right Now 22k VOTES [Full disclosure: this was written by a self-loathing "millennial."] A millennial probably served you your ... The Most Overrated Movies of All Time 547.4k VOTES The most overrated movies of all time in one list, ranked in order of how overrated they really are. Being overrated doesn't ... The Worst Bands of All Time 1.3M VOTES The worst bands in music history, ranked by music fans (and haters.) This list contains the most awful bands to listen to from ... The Worst Sounds To Hear 4.3k VOTES What is the most annoying sound in the world? While the answer to that question may be somewhat subjective, there are ... The Worst Superhero Movies Ever Made 422.7k VOTES What are the worst superhero movies ever made? This list includes some of the most horrible attempts to bring to life favorite ... The Worst Cars Ever Made 144.3k VOTES There are some pretty bad cars on here, some can be considered the worst ever made. Yes, it's a pretty bold statement, but even ... The Worst Band Names Ever 99.3k VOTES List of the worst band names ever chosen. With the ridiculous multitude of options for consumers, not just among the diverse ... The Worst TV Theme Songs 19.8k VOTES List of worst TV theme songs ever, ranked by the people who had to listen to them before every episode. One of the most ... The Absolute Worst Apologies Of All Time 2.1k VOTES Taking responsibility, owning up to one's shortcomings, and expressing remorse — no matter how you look at it, apologizing is ... Cities with the Worst Sports Fans 25.1k VOTES The cities with the worst sports fans are those locations across the United States and Canada whose sports fans are just awful. The Worst Flavors Ever 14.3k VOTES We asked, you answered. According to Ranker fans on Facebook, the flavors listed below are the worst flavors of anything, ever.