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Weird Personal Quirks of Historical Artists 933 VOTES It's no secret that the art world attracts a lot of unusual people, but the quirks of artists always manage to surprise us. Some ... 11 Masterful Art Forgeries That Completely Duped the Art World 11.3k VIEWS As long as there's been artwork, there's been forged artwork. The Romans copied from the Greeks, and Renaissance artists ... The Most Amazing Pieces of Artwork Ever Made 31.1k VOTES Click on any list item to see replica pricing and more information! This is a CrowdRanked List of the most fantastic pieces ... The Greatest Painters Of All Time 9.6k VOTES This list contains information on the greatest painters of all time, ranked from best to worst by user votes. History's greatest ... The Best Movies About Art & Artists 3.8k VOTES A list of the best art movies. This is a list not of "art films" but of movies that feature art as a central theme. We ... Famous Writers and Artists Who Were Terrible Humans 1.6k VOTES What makes a great artist or writer? Is it solely their great work that we should acknowledge? What if they were actually bad ... The Best Paintings Of All Time 808 VOTES There have been so many paintings in such a wide range of subjects and movements across history that it can be difficult to ... The Best Movies for Artists to Watch 387 VOTES If there's one thing any artist will tell you, it's that they could always use some inspiration. Over the years, Hollywood and ... Every Hidden Symbol In Picasso's Guernica 1k VIEWS Considered by many art historians to be the single greatest work of protest art, Pablo Picasso’s Guernica is full of complex ... 12 Symbols and Codes Hidden in Renaissance Art That You Never Would Have ... 75.2k VIEWS Dan Brown’s novel The Da Vinci Code has been thoroughly debunked as being nothing but a “beach book” with no basis in ... The Best Female Painters of All Time 442 VOTES While Picasso and Van Gogh are pretty much household names, many famous female painters have not achieved the same level of ... The Best World Cities for Artists 5.5k VOTES List of the best international cities for artists. The art community is spread far and wide across the globe. It is the dream of ... The Best LGBTQ+ Painters Of All Time 218 VOTES As long as people have been making art, LGBTQ+ artists have been painting from their perspective. From gay painters like ... The Best Movies About Real Artists 561 VOTES On this list of the best artist biopics, you’ll find movies detailing the lives of painters, sculptors, visual artists, and a ... 25 Instances of Life Imitating Art 97.3k VIEWS It's a truly beautiful thing when life imitates art. Those rare moments when life mirrors a recognizable form of art that makes ... Brilliant Nerd Versions Of Historical Paintings 3.4k VOTES Be prepared for art history as you know it to be totally flipped upside down in the coolest of ways! Classic paintings are put ... 12 Completely Daring and Totally Outrageous Art Thefts 4.5k VIEWS Art has played a significant role throughout human history - but so has art theft. Art heists have been rampant around the ... Secrets Found By X-Raying Old Paintings 20.3k VIEWS The Da Vinci Code got one thing right: there are secret images hidden beneath paintings all around the world. Actors Who Do “Art” Projects, Ranked by Eyerolliness 1k VOTES No matter what role they’re most famous for portraying or how cool they seem on the big screen, most actors are weird. If you ... Pablo Picasso's Greatest Works of Art 4.6k VOTES This is a list of the greatest pieces Pablo Picasso did in the span of his astonishing career, decided by the Ranker community.