The Art of War Collection
The Most Important Battles in US History 37.6k VOTES The most significant major battles in American history, ranked by everyone. Anyone can vote on this list, making these rankings ... The Best War Board Games of All Time 9.3k VOTES This. Means. War!  Defeat your enemies and vanquish your foes while playing these popular war board games. Battleship, ... The Shortest Wars in History 108k VIEWS While most the well-known wars in history dragged on for years, even decades, many wars in the last century were extremely ... 10 Totally Heroic Pacifists from History 13.6k VIEWS There's a special kind of badass in the world, though they are often considered a coward at first glance. The kind of badass ... The 12 Most Consequential Final Battles In The History of Warfare 130.4k VIEWS Decisive military victories or losses often come at the eleventh hour. That's the case for these last battles of famous wars. TV Show Military Theory and Epic Battles That Were Actually Pretty Accurate ... 7.2k VIEWS Everybody loves a good action scene, but they're especially difficult to pull off on television. Smaller budgets combined with ... Genius Ways Army Commanders Have Ended Sieges Throughout History 25.5k VIEWS Historical sieges can last a vary long time. Both the defender and the attacker adopt various siege tactics trying to find the ... The Best New War Movies of the Last Few Years 2.3k VOTES Modern war movies benefit from high-tech special effects and groundbreaking advancements in both cinematography and editing.