The Things Teachers Have Seen Collection
Teachers Reveal The Secret Crushes They Had On Students 237.7k VIEWS Teacher student romances are pretty taboo. Despite the societal and legal barriers implicit in such relationships, humans ... Teachers Describe The Differences Between Students In 1997, 2007, And 2017 ... 53.8k VIEWS As society continues to evolve in unprecedented ways, it stands to reason that school students today differ greatly from ... Teachers Reveal Their Most Disturbing Day At School 2.5M VIEWS As all teachers know, dealing with students of any age is a complete gamble with your sanity. Elementary school kids are prone ... Teachers Describe Their Worst Encounters With Nightmare Parents 24k VOTES When teachers vent about parents, you usually hear of pretty shocking stories of terrible people. You can get the ... Female Teachers Tell Cringeworthy Stories Of Students Who Had Obvious Crushes ... 319.5k VIEWS Being a teacher comes with many hurdles, the least of which includes the students who crush on teachers. Obviously, teachers ... Teachers Reveal The Craziest Rumors About Their Students That Were Actually ... 39.2k VOTES No one knows what's really going on around a school better than the teachers. They know all the disturbing stories from the ... Teachers Admit What Really Goes On In The Teachers' Lounge 1.9k VOTES Amid all the classrooms and miscellaneous janitor closets, one room always held a certain mysterious aura: the teachers' ... Teachers Describe The Weirdest Thing They've Ever Witnessed A Student Doing ... 4.2k VOTES We all remember the kids who stood out in class as being "weird," or perhaps just a little bit "different" ... 28 Teachers Describe Former Students Who Grew Up To Be Violent Criminals ... 706.2k VIEWS Schools, places meant for learning social and intellectual skills, are not where you expect criminals to reveal themselves. But ... Male Teachers Describe Students They Knew Were Crushing On Them Hard 61.5k VIEWS When people think of "hot teachers," usually bombshells like Jess Day or Elizabeth Halsey come to mind. However, the ... 29 Teachers You Wish You Had When You Were in School 11.5k VOTES Did you ever have one of those funny teachers when you were in school who just seemed to get it? Every now and then one of those ... Teachers Reveal The Weirdest Excuses That Somehow Turned Out To Be True 3.4k VOTES Sometimes the unexplained happens. If you're a teacher, then the odds are that you probably think you've heard every student ... Teachers Share The Most Interesting Thing They've Ever Confiscated From A ... 739 VOTES Have you ever had something of yours confiscated by a teacher? What ever happens to that item after? Do they throw it out or ... Teachers And Students Share The Best Excuses Given For Being Late That Turned ... 581 VOTES These excuses go way past saying your stomach hurts; and yet they're all TRUE!