The World of the Coen Brothers Collection
Theories About Why The Coen Bros. Had Marge Gunderson Go On A Date In Fargo ... 2.7k VIEWS Fargo is without a doubt one of the greatest modern noir films, thanks to the Coen brothers' tightly wound script and an ... Coen Brothers Universe Fan Theories That Just Might Be True 493 VOTES If you like Coen brothers fan theories, here's a list to tuck away with the Creedence records, and share with whomever in your ... 35 Things You Didn't Know About The Big Lebowski 241.8k VIEWS The Big Lebowski is a special kind of cult classic. First off: The Dude. Jeff Bridges drinking White Russians will forever have ... The Best Coen Brothers Films 7.2k VOTES What are the best Coen brothers films? This is a list that you can help rank of all the films made by the ever-brilliant Coen ... The 23 Actors in the Most Coen Brothers Movies 9.9k VIEWS Joel and Ethan Coen love to repeatedly use the same actors in their films. Six different actors have appeared in four or more ... The Best One-Liners from Coen Brothers Movies 417 VOTES To say that the Coen Brothers have an ear for dialogue would be an understatement. Joel and Ethan Coen are responsible for ... The Weirdest Characters in Coen Brothers Movies 374 VOTES The Coen Brothers are considered to be among the best filmmakers working today. Their unique style, crazy characters and twisted ... Fun Behind the Scenes Facts About Hail, Caesar! 858 VIEWS The Coen Brothers' 13th film, Hail, Caesar!, premieres on February 5, 2016. The genre-bending filmmakers take a romp ... The Best Coen Brothers Film Character Played by John Goodman 59 VOTES John Goodman has seemed like a fixture in so many of the great Coen brothers films.  His characters may or may not have ... WTF Moments We Love the Most From All the Coen Brother Films 339 VOTES Joel and Ethan Coen have built a long and illustrious career by reinventing how stories are told. They certainly have a ... Signs You're Living In A Coen Brothers Movie 111 VOTES You wake up with a start and your hands instinctively go to your hair. Breakfast is week-old horse stew with a young nipper.