The To Kids or Not to Kids? Collection
Grown-Ups Describe The Most Brutally Honest Things Kids Have Said To Them ... 6.7k VOTES Nothing can shred an ego more quickly than brutally honest comments from kids. It can even hurt when a remark comes ... 19 People Who Roasted Their Parents To Win The Internet 402 VOTES Some people love to win arguments. But at what cost? These folks sacrificed everything (including their parents) to come out on ... 25 Unintentionally Hilarious Times Kids Ruined Family Portraits 4.3k VOTES The Internet's love affair with awkward family photos will never die, and most of this awkwardness stems from kids ruining ... Disturbing Signs Your Child Might Be A True Psychopath 397.6k VIEWS There are indicators of psychopathy that can be monitored in children, even though children cannot be accurately diagnosed as a ... Breakfasts Made By Kids For Their Parents That Went Horribly Wrong 916 VOTES In theory, eating breakfast in bed sounds amazing, so long as you possess a sense of balance. But so many variables involved ... 27 Dirty Kids' Drawings That Definitely Raised Some Eyebrows 14.2k VOTES If you've ever had or even known a kid, then the odds are you've come across your fair share of their gross and/or ... Spoiled Brats Complaining About Their Maids on Twitter 580.8k VIEWS Twitter genius @CheeseGod69 often spends time retweeting idiot kids and ass-hats who complain about the minutia involved in ... Science Fair Projects Gone Horribly Wrong 42.7k VOTES A common question posed on the Internet these days asks, "Has science gone too far?" A fair question, ... Parenting Horror Stories That Will Make You Rethink Having Kids 416.1k VIEWS When raising a child, only rarely do parents reveal what they hate about their kids, usually out of fear of being branded as bad ... 27 Funny Tweets Every Parent Who's Homeschooling Their Kids For The ... 7.5k VOTES With "shelter in place" orders in full effect, parents are being forced to homeschool their kids for the first time, ... Parents And Nannies Describe The Worst And Weirdest Things They Have Seen On ... 40.9k VOTES Parenting comes with a plethora of unexpected obstacles and surprises; some of the biggest surprises arrive in the form of ... Horrifying Ways Of Punishing Kids Throughout History 117.2k VIEWS Gone are the days of old-fashioned school punishments like dunce caps and hickory-stick beatings: methods used ... Celebrities With Problem Children 4.4M VIEWS These celebrity problem children have taken misbehaving to the next level. The kids of celebrities don't have traditional ... 23 People Describe Cringeworthy Tales Of Spoiled Rotten Kids 135.2k VIEWS Spoiled behavior coming from a rotten kid feels definitely ranks as one of the most horrible things you can witness in public. Ways Children Tried To Destroy Their Parents 1.3k VOTES When your first baby arrives, it's a time of miracles: Their first smile, the first time they recognize you, their ... These Moms Gave Birth To Giant Babies - No, Really 12.2k VIEWS Anyone with a soul loves the chubby legs of a baby - they look like tiny, adorable Michelin Men! But how chubby is too ... People Reveal The Moment They Realized The Kids In Their Lives Are Super ... 17.9k VOTES The world is full of parents with creepy kids. Children are unpredictable, which can often be precocious and cute and then ... These Parent/Kid Face Swaps Will Give You Nightmares 8.3k VOTES Have you ever seen a kid that resembled one of their parents and wondered if the two would look nearly identical if they were ... 27 Hilariously Relatable Memes That Show How Parents Are Dealing With ... 1.5k VOTES A lot is happening - we are in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic and working from home, social distancing, and toilet paper ... 20 Kids Crying For No Reason 6.4k VOTES If you're a parent, an uncle, a sibling, or have friends with small children, you know they cry for almost any reason at all.