The Wasted Art Skills Collection
35+ Times Vandalism Made Other Things Better 154.2k VOTES Vandalism is wrong. We certainly can't condone broken windows, graffiti, or trashing property that isn't yours. It's costly and ... These Coloring Book Corruptions Will Taint Your Childhood 354.2k VOTES Coloring book corruptions require some actual drawing talent, which is why this particular, and actually really funny, coloring ... The Funniest Things Bored Students Have Drawn in Their Textbooks 59.9k VOTES After the teacher tells you to turn to a random page in your textbook, it's only natural for your mind to wander and ... 23 Times Toast Was Turned Into a Work of Art 2k VOTES A toast... to toast. Don't worry, this won't be a long toast, it'll be short, or a "melba" toast, if you will (that's ... The Funniest Things Ever Written on Money 10.7k VOTES There's nothing more fun that going through your haul of singles at the end of the night and finding spontaneous silly notes ... 26 Gross Examples Of Body Hair Art That Are Just Not Okay 1.2k VOTES When people wish that men would spend more time on self-care, body hair art wasn't exactly what they had in mind.