The Weird History Around the World Collection
Historians Reveal History's Best Kept Secrets 623.2k VIEWS Though people pretend it's written in stone, history features tons of famous mysteries - many of which remain ... Hidden Treasure That Might Still Be Out There 126k VIEWS Buried treasure. Lost gold. Hidden cash. Loot. Few things fire the imagination like the idea of a vast hoard of gems, ... Super Weird And Interesting Historical Artifacts That Will Mesmerize You ... 83.3k VOTES Historical artifacts and photographs never fail to fascinate – they're like mysterious keys to other cultures – but this ... 11 Historical Armies That Fought Completely Naked 31.1k VIEWS Even if armor seems like a good idea for warriors heading into battle, some don't believe that it's necessary. In fact, ... The Most WTF, Trivial Things Countries Have Fought Over 5.6k VOTES There have been a lot of dumb things countries have fought over. You might think entire nations wouldn't have petty disputes ... 17 Historical Mysteries People Would Really Like Answers To 24.2k VOTES From prehistory through modern-day occurrences, history offers some pretty fascinating stories and information. It also, as ... Crazy Facts About Britain Before Christianity 205.5k VIEWS Christianity truly began to take hold in Britain around the turn of the 7th Century, with the arrival of Anglo-Saxons. Prior to ... Large-Scale Paranoid Conspiracies That Turned Out to Be True 252.1k VIEWS Everyone has an irrational fear of something. Maybe you're skeptical about the number 12. Maybe you believe every cop ... The 10 Cruelest, Most Unfair Weddings In The History of Western Culture 2.2M VIEWS Secret weddings in history are proof that not all proposals end with happily ever after. Throughout history, couples have had to ... 17 Monuments That Were Removed in Disgrace 337k VIEWS Nobody ever thinks that when they put up a monument to someone that they'll have to take it down later because the memorialized ... Inside 'The General Crisis,' Statistically The Worst Time In History To Be ... 236.1k VIEWS What was the General Crisis? It was a period of unbelievable global strife, rebellion, death, and revolution that took place ... The Most Historically Important Food Innovations 24.9k VIEWS Food is one of the greatest necessities and joys of our modern world. We eat to survive, but we also eat for pleasure, and we ... The Most Bizarre Governments In History, Ranked 2.7k VOTES Human beings have been in the business of government for a long time. Since we first developed language, we have been arguing ... The Most Weaponized Poison In World History: The Deadly Trail Of Arsenic ... 27.6k VIEWS Arsenic: it’s been called the “king of poisons” and the “poison of kings.” And for good reason – it has a lengthy, ... The Surprising Meanings Behind Countries' Unique Flags 1.9k VOTES From a lion holding a sword to three legs connected at the thigh to a carnivorous eagle absolutely demolishing a snake, ... 11 Surprising Historical Items That Were Created Using Spider Silk 1.7k VOTES Items made of spider silk have a strange but alluring appeal around the world despite, or perhaps because of, the fact ... Purrfectly Odd Things You Didn't Know About Cat Worship in History 91.3k VIEWS The history of cat worship primarily centers around ancient Egypt, but that's not the only place where reverence for all things ... The Best History Podcasts That Make Learning Fun 1.4k VOTES List of the best history podcasts on the iTunes store, voted on by history buffs like yourself. There are a variety of good ... 9 Historical Events That Took Place At The Bar 40.5k VIEWS A night out at the local dive with your friends is usually pretty predictable. You might get hit on by a creepy guy old guy ... Extreme Historical Hobbies That Sound Made-Up - But Aren’t 925 VOTES The ancient hobbies of years gone by are fascinating and fraught with interesting facts that many of us might not know today.