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Welcome to Twin Peaks

3.3k views'Twin Peaks' Is The Scariest Thing Ever Aired On TelevisionIn 1990, the question "Who killed Laura Palmer?" was on the lips of television viewers across America. Twin Peaks uncovered the ho...
321 votersSurprising Things You Didn't Know About Twin PeaksIn the early 90s, David Lynch and Mark Frost brought the eerie, offbeat world of "Twin Peaks" to ABC, in what would come to be kno...
42.4k viewsTwin Peaks Episodes from Best to WorstTwin Peaks may well be the greatest television show of all time. Every episode is amazing, but here is my attempt to rank them.
1k votersThe Best Twin Peaks CharactersOne of the creepiest shows on television, Twin Peaks was also a cult favorite TV show, and hardcore fans simply can't get enough. ...