The Women Who Act Collection
The Very Best Actress Performances, Ranked 30.7k VOTES This list contains information about the best actress performances, ranked by your votes. Over the years there has been so many ... The 100+ Greatest Film Actresses Of The 2010s 9.2k VOTES The 2010s provided some of the best films of all time. That wouldn’t have been possible if it wasn't for the amazing work of ... The Best Living American Actresses 178.1k VOTES It takes a lot to make a movie great. There has to be excellent writing, production, direction, editing, and of course, acting. The Best Actresses in Film History 1.2M VOTES The best actresses ever are ranked here in this list of the best actresses in film history. These are the greatest actresses ... Female Character Actors You've Seen All Over But Can't Name 178.7k VIEWS Actors don’t start out thinking of themselves as character actors. They just think of themselves as actors. It’s the industry ... The Greatest Black Actresses of All Time 81.1k VOTES This list ranks the very best black and African Americans actresses of all time. Throughout the history of Hollywood, movies ... The Funniest Female Comedians of All Time 264.1k VOTES The funniest female comedians star on our favorite sitcoms, perform standup at the top comedy clubs and best of all, make us ... The Best Asian Actresses in Hollywood History 30.8k VOTES This list ranks the best Asian actresses in American and English-speaking film history, ranked by your votes. Throughout the ... 15 Actresses Who Fell In Love With Their Director 154.3k VIEWS A Hollywood actress falling in love with her director – it’s a narrative as popular as boy meets girl. Despite the fact ... The Best Actresses Working Today 409.1k VOTES List of the best actresses working today, ranked. This list includes many of the greatest actresses in film history, but more ... Which Actress Do You Think Will Be The Next Meryl Streep? 19.7k VOTES With 20 Academy Awards nominations, two Best Actress Oscars, and one Best Supporting Actress Oscar, Meryl ... The Best Living Actresses Over 80 58.1k VOTES The best living actresses over 80 (or close to it) include the classic beauties who headlined films and television shows of ... The Best Actresses to Ever Win Oscars for Best Actress 76.6k VOTES Every year the Academy evaluates a year's worth of brilliant performances and picks what they believe to be the best of the ... 37 Actresses Who Filmed While Pregnant 2.5M VIEWS Several actresses have filmed television shows and movies while they were pregnant. Some of these famous moms had their ... Hot Actresses Who Went "Ugly" for Movie Roles 425.1k VIEWS The classic geek to chic storyline is a romantic comedy cliché that never seems to go out of style for Hollywood. Costume ... Great Actresses Who Make Bad Movies Now 14.8k VOTES It's tough to be consistently great as an actress. Sometimes, you've just got to get paid. While some Hollywood actresses have a ... The Best Hispanic Actresses of All Time 52.9k VOTES A list of the best Hispanic actresses. Actresses of Hispanic and Latino descent have been dazzling audiences on the big and ... The Best American Actresses Working Today 204.4k VOTES There have been plenty of great American actresses throughout film history, but which female American actresses working today ... The Best First Roles Played by Your Favorite Actresses 5.2k VOTES Do you remember your first job? Chances are it wasn’t glamorous, and it didn’t pay well. It’s hard to believe that the big movie ... The Greatest American Actresses Of All Time 195.4k VOTES It takes a lot to make a movie great. There has to be excellent writing, production, direction, editing, and of course, acting.