The Biggest Pimps In Television History

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The biggest pimps in television history are those lucky fictional characters who are notoriously promiscuous, making viewers around the world incredibly jealous. They manage to get all the babes, almost as if they were God's gift to women (or in some cases, men). They might be hated by some for their tramp-tastic ways, but surely, they are also secretly worshipped by aspiring pimps as well.

We've all watched many of the greatest television characters ever go from monogamy to pimp in one shocking episode, or all of them. Characters like Barney Stinson on "How I Met Your Mother," Charlie Harper on "Two and a Half Men," and even that sexy robot Bender on "Futurama" never have a shortage of women in their bed. Joey Tribbiani from "Friends," Hank Moody from "Californication," and Jack Donaghy from "30 Rock" are no different, befriending and bedding numerous ladies on the regular.

Many would even go into the serial adulterers column, especially the likes of Don Draper and Roger Sterling from "Mad Men," whose womanizing ways were introduced in the premiere episode of the award-winning series. Even Zach Morris from "Saved by the Bell" gets some love as a serial-dater having romanced almost every main female character on the long-running show. Even others might also fall into the creepiest characters of all time too.

From Fonzie on "Happy Days" all the way though James T. Kirk and Captain Jean-Luc Picard from "Star Trek" and Glenn Quagmire on "Family Guy," these television pimps have making lonely men feel even lonelier for decades. Do you love or loathe one of these television scoundrels? Vote for the pimpest characters, add any not listed or re-rank this list your way, all below.

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