The Greatest '80s Teen Stars

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The greatest teen stars of the '80s are well-remembered on this countdown. They were everywhere - they ruled the box office. They kept butts on the couch, and they took over the radio. But which were the greatest 1980s teens?

The 80s actors and actresses that appeared on your locker door, your lunch box, and even as dolls are recognized for the lasting impact they left on America. So, who's your favorite teen star from the 80s? Michael J. Fox tops our list for 1980s teens, having appeared in popular TV series like Family Ties and cult classics like Back to the Future. Other famous 80s actors who happened to be teens include Johnny Depp, Ralph Macchio, and River Phoenix.

From Molly Ringwald to Matthew Broderick, this list of top 80s teen stars features everyone we've all come to love so much. Whether you're talking hit TV shows or classic 80s movies, these 80s celebrities - and teens! - truly ruled the decade. Check out these young 1980s celebrities below and vote up your favorites.

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