The Greatest '90s Teen Stars

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The greatest teen stars of the '90s are well-remembered on this countdown. They were everywhere – they ruled the box office and small screen and took over the radio. These are the teen movie stars of the 90s that appeared on your locker room, your lunchbox, and even as dolls.

The below young 90s actors and singers left a large mark on American society as a whole, even if they were only famous for a decade. Some, however, like Kirsten Dunst, continued to have successful careers. One of the male actors from the 90s that you will absolutely still recognize is Leonardo DiCaprio. Long before winning his Oscar, he appeared on TV series, such as Growing Pains and Parenthood

Who are the best teen stars from the 1990s? From Larisa Oleynik to Freddie Prinze, Jr., we've got them all. Whether you had a crush on these teenage actors from the 1990s or wanted to be them, the greatest teen actors of the 90s entertained us and taught us a lot of life lessons.

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