Every Single Batman Movie, Ranked Best to Worst

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Alot of fans consider the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight trilogy to be the best of all Batman films. But were they the best Batman movies of all time? This list of the greatest Batman films ever is here to declare, in order, which of all Batman movies is really the top Batman film ever made. How can you possibly rank such masterpieces? It's easy - consider the mood, directing, actors, and storylines that the movie creators were able to capture in their films. Which of all of the Batman movies do you feel was most faithful to the original comics or more entertaining than the others? It's unlikely that anyone's answer would be a chronological list, given that the films have continued to build on themselves over time.

Batman has been one of the most popular comic book characters to make the jump to movies. There's also no end in sight to his cinematic appearances, as a new Batman film seems to perpetually be on the horizon. This list has every adventure of the Dark Knight tallied by preference, from Adam West all the way up to Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight trilogy with Christian Bale, including the final film, 2012's The Dark Knight RisesIt also includes the animated Batman movies that became popular in the mid-90s. But what is the best Batman movie? Or have you ever wondered how many Batman movies are there? This list will answer both those questions!

Batman films are so iconic and popular that there's even a whole genre of Batman fan films! Many other cultures have translated Batman films into their own languages. FYI there's another list on Ranker of Best Batman Comics, if you're interested.

Vote for your favorite Batman movie titles below on this Batman movies list! And if you're a real fan, check out our list of the best Batman actors who ever donned the batsuit. 

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