The All-Time Best Baseball Films

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Vote up your favorite baseball movies about players and teams.

Here are the top baseball movies, ranked by fans. This list of the all-time best baseball movies includes popular classics like The Natural and The Sandlot, and covers all the best baseball films to have ever hit theaters. Which baseball movie is your favorite? Are you a Field of Dreams fanatic or a Major League fan? Myabe you want to introduce baseball to your kids, there are plenty of funny baseball movies on this list for them to watch. But which one's the best? Be sure to vote for your personal favorite baseball films to help them reach the top of the list.

Some of the greatest and most inspirational sports movies ever made are about baseball. Examples include The Rookie, The Natural, The Bad News Bears and the quintessential sports comedy Bull Durham. This 1988 classic is not only a fantastic film about baseball, but it's also, arguably, among the best romantic comedies of all time.

Not surprisingly, a lot of films listed here are also some of the best family drama movies. Some of them, like The Bad News Bears, The Rookie and A League of their Own, are also really awesome sports movies about coaches.

Not all of the all-time best baseball films are fiction, however. Some are actually documentaries, like Ken Burns' Baseball. Is it one of the greatest? You decide, with your votes.

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