Baseball Teams With The Most Annoying Fans

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The baseball teams with the most annoying fans are those American League and National League squads in Major League Baseball that you hate to sit next to at the ballpark. These teams have large and loyal fan bases but bring their thick accents, championship patches and more stories of back in the day than can be told in 12 innings of ball. These are the fans that you hate if you're for the opposing team or embrace if you are a fellow follower. Love 'em or hate 'em, these are the baseball teams with the most annoying fans.

Though each fan base will claim the other is the worst of all, the fans of the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox are perhaps the most annoying ever. Yanks fans, complete with their superiority complex, backed up by over two dozen World Series championships, will always claim they are the best fans for the best team of all time. BoSox fans can be just as cocky with their love of homerism and all things "Sweet Caroline."

But Boston and New York are far from the only two teams in professional baseball with annoying fans. Each of the 30 MLB teams have one quirk or another that irks fans of other teams. For many, it's the perpetual drought of success that motivates and depresses fans, such as the always pessimistic fans of the Chicago Cubs, New York Mets and Toronto Blue Jays. Each of these teams have great followings but the annoying fans will certainly often remind you of how many years, months and days since the team saw any success or even qualified for the MLB postseason.

Whatever these MLB team fans do that is annoying to make them some of the most hated and obnoxious, that all pales in comparison to the fact that these passionate men and women travel thousands of miles each year and spend thousands of dollars to support their teams, win or lose. Between the drunken fans talking smack or the underdogs screaming about their small-market team, watching the fans bicker is nearly as exciting as watching baseball itself. Who said the sport was boring?
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