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Basketball Teams With The Most Annoying Fans

List RulesVote for the teams based on how annoying their fans are and not on the team's accomplishments. College and pro teams permitted

The basketball teams with the most annoying fans are the college basketball and National Basketball Association teams whose fans don't just cheer until they can no longer speak, but annoy the heck out of opposing fans. From the overly confident fans to the whiny to the delusional, fans of these basketball teams are some of the most annoying fans in all of sports.

For fans of teams that constantly see success on the court, such as the Los Angeles Lakers, the Boston Celtics and the Kentucky Wildcats men's basketball team, losing a game or series feels like a complete catastrophe. The high esteem in which they hold their team means they never think they should lose and have many highly annoying conspiracy theories to explain a defeat like the unfair officials or the untimely injury of a star player. While not all Laker, Celtic or Wildcat fans are this way, listening to the ones who are this annoying gets old after about five minutes.

On the other end of the spectrum, fans of teams that are consistently bad are just as annoying. Ever talked to a Toronto Raptors fan? Ever heard them say anything positive about their sad basketball team? How about Cleveland Cavalier fans? Listening to them boo hoo about never being able to win, with or without LeBron James, is slightly more entertaining than undergoing a root canal.

Just like the athletes with the most annoying fans being around fans of these basketball teams is sometimes more hassle than it is pleasure. Whether these fans are in love with their NCAA Basketball teams or whine about their NBA team, all are beyond annoying.