The Best 1960s Cars

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Car models or model generations that debuted in the 1960s.

1960s cars were some of the most beautiful cars ever to cruise the asphalt jungles of cities and country alike, and this list of the best cars from the 1960s di. If there is a golden age of cars, then it's the '60s. From the birth of muscle cars, to the surge of sports cars from Europe, the 1960s are steeped in automotive lore. But it's the look of 1960s cars that outdoes anything else. Without doubt, the best looking cars ever to grace the Earth were made in 1960s, and the best looking automobiles of today are only trying to copy them.

What are the best cars of the '60s? The top cars of the 1960s were both stylish and powerful: 1960s sports cars were especially cool. Whether a vehicle is on this list for its engineering, its pedigree, or even just its appearance, the only requirement is that it was made in the 1960's.
Most divisive: Ferrari Daytona