The Best Sitcoms Of The '80s

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Vote up your favorite sitcoms and comedy shows that aired between 1981 and 1989.

What are the best 80's sitcoms? The 1980s were truly a golden age for television comedy, with many of the most popular TV sitcoms dominating the landscape. Trying to choose favorites is a bit of a challenge, with so many excellent shows, but that's what's going on right here. Vote for the famous 80s sitcoms that you loved the most, vote down any you didn't like, and feel free to re-rank this list in any order you choose.

No list of great '80s sitcoms would be complete without several of the notable NBC comedies. In the 1980s, NBC came on strong with brilliant, groundbreaking situation comedy shows that captured viewers' collective attention. From Newhart to Murphy Brown and beyond, this list of outstanding 1980s comedy TV shows includes some of the greatest sitcoms in television history. Enjoy this walk down TV memory lane, and don't forget to vote!

Given their popularity, is it any wonder that some of these top programs are among the longest running US sitcoms? Many of these '80s shows also went on to become the best NBC comedies of all time: Can anyone argue that The Cosby ShowCheers, and Family Ties, aren't forever a part of pop culture?

What are the best '80s sitcoms? Did the sitcoms you think are best make the list? Are they still as fresh today as they were 40 years ago? Take a look and vote the best 1980s sitcoms to the top.

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