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The Best Action Movies of 2011

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The best action movies of 2011 managed to combine thrills, feats of strength, a few pretty amazing car chases and explosions, a few impressive gun fights and, most importantly, heroes who managed to fight against overwhelming odds (including some really bad, bad guys) for the greater good. I've tried to list all of the best action films of 2011, but I am sure I've left off more than a few. If your favorite is missing, add it! And if your personal fave did make the cut, vote it up. See an action movie on this list that you thought was terrible? Vote it down!

2011 brought us some pretty good superhero action movies, like 'Thor' and 'Captain America: The First Avenger' (I thought both of these were fantastic, but I still can't wait for the 'Avengers' movie in 2012!). Moviegoers also got their fill of sci-fi action movies like 'Super 8,' 'Cowboys & Aliens' and 'Attack the Block.' The absolute best action drama movie of the year, in my humble opinion, was 'Drive' starring Ryan Gosling, but there were many others (hint: Add them if they aren't already on this list). Other standouts, to me, were '30 Minutes or Less' (great action comedy), 'Immortals,' 'Warrior' and 'Real Steel' (really, how can you screw up with fighting robots, right?). And of course, no list of great 2011 action movies would be complete without the final Harry Potter movie: 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part II.'

For movie fans, 2011 offered a little bit of everything. Can't remember some of the great movies you saw? Check out this list of the best movies of 2011, along with lists of the best comedies and horror movies of the year. Sometimes, it's easier to recall the worst movies of the year, so check that list as well (and make sure to add your personal worst if it's not already on the list). So what was the best action movie of 2011?  That's up to you to decide.