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The Best Arrested Development Characters

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On May 26th, 2013, "Arrested Development" debuted a Season 5, 15-episode run on Netflix, marking the return of one of the biggest cult TV shows of all time. Originally cancelled by Fox after only 3 seasons, the series was resurrected by streaming giant Netflix and returned to answer questions that have been plaguing fans since the show's departure in 2006. Questions like "Did Maeby and George Michael get together?" "Has George Sr. been indicted yet?" and "Seriously, will Tobias ever find love?" The most important question to be answered now, however, is who is the best character on "Arrested Development"?

The return of AD on Netflix reintroduced the viewing public to all the best members of the extended Bluth family, and it also gives us a chance to reengage in the discussion about which Arrested Development cast members have created the most memorable characters on TV.

Who are the greatest Arrested Development characters? Vote on list to have your say. If your favorite AD character isn't on the list, make sure to add them so other fans can have a say in the discussion to decide the best character ever. 

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