Vote For the Best Bachelor of All Time

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Vote for the guys that were the best at dating 25 (or so) women.

If you're in your late twenties and just can't find love, what do you do? You go on The Bachelor, of course! This list is made up of all the men who have been "The Bachelor" from every season of the hit ABC reality competition show. But which Bachelor was the best? Finally, finally(!) you can vote for the dudes you loved the most and were just dying to get a rose from, to determine which guys were the best at dating 25 (or so) women, on television, for all the world to see.

From the dream boats to the duds, which Bachelor contestants had you head over heels in love? Were you swooning over Sean? Jonesing for Jason? Or were you the one woman on earth who wasn't totally sick of Juan Pablo after season three?

We aren't here to debate the validity of this show's "process" or Chris Harrison's hand out date cards skill, all we want to know is which of these guys had you dreaming of flying in helicopters, bungee jumping, and dancing to washed up bands you barely remember, all in the name of love.

Upvote the best Bachelors below, then go practice your "can I steal you for a second" game, and start brainstorming which props you'll bring from the limo next season.
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