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This is a list of the best Baltimore Ravens of all time. After they left Cleveland after the 1995 season, the Baltimore Ravens were given a fresh start and were considered a new franchise. The Ravens first draft in 1996 brought two of the best players in team history to Baltimore. Ray Lewis and Jonathan Ogden were drafted by the Ravens in the first round of that year's draft and are two of the greatest Ravens ever. Ogden is in the Hall of Fame and Lewis is considered one of the best linebackers all time who will be joining Ogden in Canton in the near future. The duo were the anchors on the Ravens Super Bowl winning team in the 2000 season. Though the Ravens offense wasn't the best, they had one of the best defenses in NFL history.

Baltimore's defense is usually one of the toughest in the NFL. Many of the top Ravens are on the defensive side of the ball. Ed Reed, Haloti Ngata, Terrell Suggs and Peter Boulware have won multiple awards for their defensive prowess. Joe Flacco is easily the franchise's best quarterback. Flacco led the team to a Super Bowl victory over San Francisco in 2013 and was named the MVP of that game. Along with Flacco, Ray Rice and Jamal Lewis are two of the greatest offensive players in Ravens history.

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  • Ray Lewis
    3,153 votes

    A ferocious, hard-hitting linebacker with a palpable intensity, Ray Lewis easily stands among the greatest athletes ever to don the purple and black of the Baltimore Ravens. Over his storied 17-year career, he entrenched himself as the heart and soul of one of the NFL's most feared defensive units, bringing an unparalleled level of passionate leadership on and off the field. His relentless pursuit of excellence, combined with a keen football intellect and unmatched physicality, cements Lewis' place as not only a Baltimore legend, but one of the most transcendent figures in the history of American football.

  • Ed Reed
    2,802 votes
    Free Safety

    There are few, if any, safeties in the annals of NFL history who can boast the ball-hawking prowess and game-changing ability of Ed Reed. A master of reading opposing quarterbacks, he consistently put himself in position to make critical interceptions and turn games in Baltimore's favor. His exceptional skills as a returner only amplified his impact, as he proved time and again that he could alter the course of a contest with a single, electrifying play.

  • Jonathan Ogden
    2,139 votes

    A cornerstone in both the literal and figurative sense, Jonathan Ogden anchored the Ravens' offensive line as their first-ever draft pick and quickly established himself as one of the best to ever play the left tackle position. With an imposing frame and incredible athleticism, he was a near-impenetrable force in pass protection and a punishing road-grader in the run game. There's little question that his dominant play set the tone for the rugged, blue-collar reputation that has come to define the Ravens franchise.

  • Justin Tucker
    2,023 votes

    Widely regarded as the most accurate kicker in NFL history, Justin Tucker has become an indispensable weapon for the Baltimore Ravens. Coupling a powerful leg with nerves of steel, he routinely delivers in the game's most pressure-packed situations, providing a level of consistency and reliability that few other teams enjoy. Beyond his gaudy statistics, Tucker has endeared himself to the Ravens faithful with his affable personality and infectious enthusiasm, further cementing his status as an all-time fan favorite.

  • Terrell Suggs
    2,298 votes
    Outside Linebacker

    Few players encapsulate the spirit and swagger of the Baltimore Ravens quite like Terrell Suggs. As an edge-rushing menace who spent 16 seasons terrorizing opposing quarterbacks, Suggs was a key figure in maintaining the Ravens' defensive dominance for well over a decade. His larger-than-life personality and penchant for making big plays in crucial moments only add to his indelible legacy in Charm City.

  • Marshal Yanda
    1,752 votes

    Marshal Yanda

    Tackle, Guard

    A staple of the Ravens' offensive line for 13 seasons, Marshal Yanda combined elite technique, a relentless work ethic, and unyielding tenacity to become one of the NFL's premier guards. His proficiency in both run blocking and pass protection provided a stabilizing force along the trenches, contributing greatly to the organization's offensive success. Yanda's blue-collar mentality and uncompromising drive to succeed made him an ideal embodiment of the Ravens' hard-nosed ethos.