The Best Baseball Players NOT in the Hall of Fame

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Only players who have not been inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

The best baseball players not in the hall of fame are here on this list, though the 2020 Baseball Hall of Fame ballot has room for some of these stars. In order to be considered as slighted by the baseball hall of fame, a player must be non-active and have had the ability to appear on the hall of fame ballot at least once. Some of these men are considered to be among the greatest baseball players of all time, yet remain off of the "official" list of the best MLB players ever at the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown.

What keeps a player out of the baseball hall of fame? Some of these players- like Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire- have been involved in PED (performance enhancing drug) scandals, others broke the cardinal rule of not betting on the sport (Pete Rose), and still others were involved in a baseball player scandal, like Shoeless Joe Jackson who is said to have contributed to his team throwing the World Series. Some of the best baseball players are simply not on the list because they haven't yet acquired the 75% vote necessary for induction.

Who should be in the baseball hall of fame? What top baseball players are not in the hall of fame? Who are the best players not in the baseball hall of fame? These are the questions addressed here in the list of the greatest baseball players not in the hall of fame. If your favorite player isn't on the list, make sure to add them so others can agree or disagree.

If you're keeping track of the best current baseball players make sure to check on that list and vote for your favorite baseball all-star.

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