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The Best Baseball Video Games

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Baseball video games are among the most popular sports based video games. Maybe that's because the rules are easy to understand or can be attributed to the simplicity of the game play, but baseball games have always been a hit, even the most basic of video game that came with some of the oldest gaming systems. One of the first baseball games that struck a chord with wider audiences was Tengen's R.B.I. Baseball. Originally made for Nintendo, RBI Baseball was the first baseball video game to be licensed by the Major League Baseball Player's Association and used real player names, faces and statistics as opposed to numbers and generic looking guys. This proved to be a turning point for baseball video games as many companies sought to have officially licensed games.

There have been multiple variations in the types of baseball games. One features and is endorsed by a particular player, like Frank Thomas' Big Hurt Baseball and Ken Griffey Jr.'s Winning Run . Others, like any of the Mario oriented games, star characters from the Super Mario universe. No matter how you cut it, baseball games are fun and easy to play.

This is the Ultimate List to determine which baseball game can be considered the best. If there is a game that should be included on this list and isn't, feel free to add it.