The Best Battle Rappers

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Who's your favorite battle rapper? These battle rappers have competed in some of what are arguably the best rap battles ever. Battle rapping is a genre unto itself and it deserves to be recognized. Sure, some of the best rappers have serious skill when it comes to rap battles, but even they may not be able to stand up against the battle MCs to follow. In short, these hip hop artists know how to come up with quick and clever lines, and they're considered the best to do it.

Who's the best battle rapper in your opinion? Who are the top battle rappers of all time? Aside from Eminem, you think any white battle rappers are among the top 5 battle rappers? Vote up your picks from the list below and vote down any rappers if you feel they aren't quite as good. 

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  • Charlie Clips
    10,838 votes
  • Hitman Holla

    Hitman Holla

    7,441 votes
  • Loaded Lux
    7,563 votes
  • Tay Roc

    Tay Roc

    5,985 votes
  • Arsonal


    7,122 votes
  • K Shine

    K Shine

    4,197 votes