The Best Cartoon Characters Of The 90s

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The 1990s was a time when all types of cartoons were introduced to the general public and thrived within the the realm of pop culture. 90s cartoon characters are some of the most beloved of all time and certainly some of the most iconic. Characters range from more mature characters like Homer Simpson to Beavis and Butthead to classic children's cartoon characters like SpongeBob SquarePants, Blue, Rocko, and Doug Funnie. We also can't forget about famous female 90s cartoon characters, like Leela (Futurama), Marge (The Simpsons), and The Powerpuff Girls

During the '90s, mature cartoons started to become popular with many teens and young adults. Mike Judge was at the forefront of this movement creating the aforementioned Beavis and Butthead TV show along with King of the Hill, whose main character Hank Hill can be seen on this list. These famous cartoons are the forefathers to characters like Peter Griffin, Stan Smith, and the rest of the Seth MacFarlane universe. The same goes for the Nickelodeon cartoons of the same time period.

Anyone can contribute to this list of who the best cartoon characters of the '90s is, which makes this ranking an accurate, real-time reflection of the crowd's collective opinion.If you have a favorite–boy or girl, blue, green, black, or yellow– that is not on the list, be sure to add it. It can be disputed that the '90s was the best time for edgy cartoon characters and this Ultimate List sets out to settle the dispute over who was the best character of that time. Rank your favorites or add whoever you see missing.

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