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The Best Cartoons to Watch Stoned

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Do you often wonder, “what are the best shows to watch high?” Or, more specifically, “what are the best cartoons to watch high?” You're not alone. Yet who can answer you? God? Yahweh? TV Guide? Place no stock in their answers – the latter is swayed by ratings and ad revue, the former by moral affiliations. Trust this list to be your guide as you scour the Earth not just for cartoons to watch, not only because you want to watch animated cartoons (as opposed to non-animated ones?), but because you're one of a discerning group, the cartoon stoners, and you want the best animated shows to watch high.

Maybe you're high right now. Good for you. Was it an edible? Did you roll a joint? Rip a bong hit? Fire up the vaporizer? Are you comfortable, with access to both this list and a TV or Netflix or Hulu or other streaming platform? Time to run down the great stoner cartoons of all time, from early classics like Ren & Stimpy or Hey Arnold! to modern favorites like BoJack Horseman and Rick and Morty. What are the best TV shows to watch high? What you ultimately choose depends upon a few variables – how high you are, what kind of high you have, what kind of animated shows you like, and which drugs you're on and if you're limited to just what's on Netflix. Presumably you're just smoking weed. Anything stronger is inadvisable.

Certainly, the best shows to watch high on mushrooms on your big comfy couch as a light drizzle falls outside are not the same as the best shows to watch while railing lines with a Colombian drug lord in stash house filled with machine guns and naked women. While one situation might call for a nice, sweet episode of Bob's Burgers or even Looney Tunes, the other is begging for a little Archer or even a particularly grizzly old Treehouse of Horror episode of The Simpsons. Good cartoons to watch while you're tripping down the k-hole (be careful with that horse tranquilizer, btw) are not the same cartoon movies to watch while mixing angel dust with bath salts and assaulting and consuming your enemies in a savage ritual of power (which, honestly, you probably shouldn’t be doing in the first place).

It's time for the list. Prepare yourself. Maybe don't get too high, because you'll be voting in a minute here, and who can really do that responsibly when high to the point of incoherence? Just get a nice buzz on and vote up what you think are the best cartoons to watch while high.