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The Best Characters on The Sopranos

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The Sopranos is one of the greatest television programs in history. Originally aired on HBO in 1999, some of the most memorable characters in television have been on this show. No one can forget James Gandolfini's portrayal of troubled crime boss Tony Soprano, who had to battle both his immediate family, battling his uncle and mother over control the crime family while managing his daily responsibilities as a father to Meadow and AJ and husband to Carmela.

Throughout these character's tumultuous time on television, they've had to battle internal and external demons, which allowed them to grow as characters over all six seasons and become some our favorites from the show. In addition to Carmela, Christopher Moltisanti, Tony's nephew, became one of the best characters on the show. His constant struggles and internal demons led to his drug use, putting his ambitions of being a director aside and his always problematic relationship with Adriana La Cerva. The show also helped launch the acting career of E-Street guitarist Steven Van Zandt, who played Tony's close confidant Silvio Dante.

If you're just starting to binge-watch The Sopranos, then use this list as something of a Sopranos character guide, to help you keep track of this large ensemble cast. If you've already finished watching the series, you can take a look at more shows like The Sopranos.

And if you're well-versed in the world of the Soprano family, then vote up the best Sopranos character on this Ultimate List. If you're a fan of Tony Soprano, then vote him up and if you don't like Paulie Walnuts, Livia Soprano or Dr. Jennifer Melfi, then vote them down. This list will determine who the best characters on The Sopranos are so the choice is your who that should be.